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Quality ProjectilesPrecision 6mm 67gn and 68gn B/T Projectiles. These projectiles are hand made using Quality Peinhardt carbide dies and .820 jackets. Cost: $250.00 per 500 To organise delivery ASAP, please contact : Kerry Moore Moore Top Bullets Mobile: 0428 192 306 Email: seak.up@outlook.com12/07/2020
Sierra 30 cal #2231 200 Grain HPBT ProjectilesI have 1100 or 11 boxes of 100 available.20/07/2020
Original ELF Bullet making Presses Original ELF Bullet making Presses (TWO) for sale. These are the original presses Eric had made, I have upgraded to a pneumatic system so these are no longer required. Please give me a call if you would like any further information. 30/11/2020
Bullet Swaging Dies1-Ferris Pindell 6mm Bullet Swaging Three Die Set. Early original "Fat Dies" to make seven calibre ogive flat base bullet. Includes set of core seating punches in 0.0005" increments. Very good working condition $600.00 plus postage. 2- Biehler & Astles 0.224" Bullet Swaging Three Die Set, makes a six ogive flat base bullet with a 0.062" meplat. Excellent condition $600.00 plus postage. 3- Wilson 6mm Bullet Swaging Three Die Set. Makes a seven calibre ogive flat base bullet with a 0.062" meplat. Excellent working condition $600.00 plus postage. 22/12/2020
Turbo Aluminium Stock for sale I have a factory bedded Turbo aluminium stock for sale with full bench rest conversion. With the reintroduction of BR2 class in SA had to decide which of my guns was to be converted. As both had aluminium stocks it was a toss up - but the Turbo won out and now I have an excess stock. Then stock is pillar bedded for both V2 and V3 actions - the V3 requiring a simple enlargement of the bolt handle cut out - I have photos available from DiOrio engineering of this. I have over $3000 invested in this stock, but will let it go for $2000 plus postage. Email or phone contact fine. 09/03/2021
Remington M540XR Target Rimfire 22LRRemington M540XR Target Rimfire 22LR in Composite stock Original walnut prone stock can be included12/03/2021