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1st shot speed difference

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22 tech
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1st shot speed difference

While running a chrono test & having the bolt out for a few minutes tinkering, the next shot was always way high. The speed was also much higher. Now this is not a scenario that's going to happen while shooting a card, but it was an eye opener.
Is this something common?
Peter Oliver

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Calfee talks about it often.
It could happen in a card if it only needs a short time to set up the particular condition that has this effect and there is a wind condition that makes you wait.

Bill Collaros

You have touched on something interesting that new shooters may want to discuss...

How long do u wait for a condition before it get's risky to go straight back to the target ?

Personally longer than a minute i like to hit a sighter when the condition returns of course in a Electronic Match you do not have this luxury so you need to know/think what your shot after a extended wiat will do and allow for it...

Bill Collaros
Sydney - Australia
"Shoot to Thrill"

GUYS HOW do you think you would go in br 30 comp

30 shots in 15 min


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BR 30

Chris I reckon I would love it as I never use more than about ten minutes for an IRB target but maybe I need to change that and wait

All the gear and no idea

22 tech
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The wait

Waiting on a condition with a round in & bolt closed never posed a problem. This is when the residue from the last round is cleared from the barrel. There was a strong tail wind at the time. I would not have expected such a large speed change. My last rifle i did not notice anything this radical. The new rifle has no tuner yet & is not set up properly so maybe it just magnified the effect. I shoot a lot of TRA so i got the old rifle to wait quite a while with no ill effects when the bolt was closed.
As to time limits, I enjoy the strategical side of being able to pick & wait on the right condition. When having time constraints having to shoot any condition is cool also. That is why i hold off so you gain a good mental library of any condition that will present itself.
Peter Oliver

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