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SSAA NSW has a a junior development program and they want us to encourage a junior but they don't provide a junior trophy for the state titles.
I will be contacting state and asking why not.
I encourage you to do the same.

Susie J 65
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I too will contact State to ask why not, as I know you are aware of my stand on this topic, I am always astounded at the lack of encouragement and support shown to the juniors as far as recognition is concerned at competitions. For just over five years I have been voluntarily running the Duval High School Target Shooting every Thursday afternoon for sport and subsequently taking any number of juniors to local, regional, state and national comps throughout N.S.W. This is very rewarding to see the talent these students have and how they are improving, it is also a very expensive sport which requires much preparation and organisation for each trip. I believe it is only fair for a few more trophies/ medallions to be supplied.Not only for the "top" junior either,surely anyone can see the benefits of encouraging our future shooters.


Bill Collaros

If u have no luck i will donate 3 trophies group and 3 for irb for top 3 juniors in each let me know

Bill Collaros
Sydney - Australia
"Shoot to Thrill"

Trophies Juniors

Kim your are wrong
State medals mirror the National Rule Book in regards to Trophies and there is a Gold Medal at all state championships for the best over 15 and under 15 competitor I would hope in the future that due to the increase of Juniors participating in State and National Championships that National and State would issue medals for 2nd and 3rd in both under 15 and over 15
NSW does support Juniors in many various ways other than trophies, with a Junior subsidy scheme for all Juniors who attend State or National Championships
you should know all the facts first

Big effort

2 whole junior medals for state and national competitions ,that is such a big effort .what about the rest of the junior competitors aren’t they the future of our chosen sport??

The Junior subsidy scheme is

The Junior subsidy scheme is not worth the effort , you keep the receipts send them away but cannot claim the same receipt for your 2 junior shooters. More a headache than it’s worth. They know where you have travelled from approximately how many rounds you will use, how many nights your away for ,so they should be able to calculate how much you spend . But they try to get out of paying you on some sort of technically or fine print .

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There is a SSAA junior development weekend arranged for some time this year in Griffith I believe. Griffith is located a long way from most of the Easten parts of the State where numerous juniors come from. I understand that travelling and accommodation will cost parents a fair bit and may even mean taking time off work. On top of all this the SSAA will support the kids by slugging parents another $300ea on top of all this for entry in the school. How is this supporting juniors?
SSAA have an enormous war chest but are too tight to help their future.
Its about time SSAA management got out of their offices and had a good look around.

All the gear and a bit of an idea

Susie J 65
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Too True

Yes there is a junior shooting camp in Griffiths in April, and yes it does cost $300. per junior, and maybe that's not too bad considering it includes meals range hire, ammo etc. but I do believe the kids have to bring bedding and of course the cost of travel, accommodation etc. for the parents is quite substantial as I have looked into it.I sent an email inquiring about the camp and received a reply stating that my son had been" accepted" and to confirm and pay by today. He is a quite dubious and undecided whether to attend or not simply because of the cost to us.I think SSAA underestimate the the fact that most juniors these days are quite savvy in their consideration of how much this sport costs especially when we seem to travel constantly to support them with their shooting. We understand our chosen sport is an expensive one and do our best to get the juniors to as many events as possible but it is unfortunate that we are actually disadvantaging them due to costs associated by not being able to attend some of the major ones.


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Ssaa are going to struggle promoting and encouraging juniors in Sydney while the premier NSW range is a competition black hole

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I agree with you Chris, I remember the Starkey family building the reloading room, now the office at Silverdale and didn't even get free attendance fee's thereafter. Target shooters built Silverdale but are discouraged to hold competition. I used to shoot at Silverdale but have changed over to Rimfire and F Class. There is a lot of land there so other classes like Running Bore, Shotgun and Big bore should be able to build their own range same as the Benchrest shooters did.


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