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Thanks Springsure

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Thanks Springsure

On behalf of all the shooters who travelled to Springsure, thanks for hosting a wonderful Nationals.

Some travelled much further than me, hell, David Kerr flew over from Perth and didn't even fire a shot!

The range worked perfectly, and all the work behind the scenes was really appreciated by all competitors.


LJ Fraser

The Springsure club should be extremely proud of how they conducted the Nationals for Centrefire Benchrest. The target crew did a fantastic job the meals were excellent the amenities were excellent, even the 2000klm drive was great. To Roger, Gavin, Sue and all the other Springsure members you are to be commended on the lead up work the behind the scenes efforts to run a very very successful meeting. I didn't hear any negative comments and i am sure everyone who is a reasonable person who has been involved in organising matches before will surely attest to the effort that was put in at Springsure club to make this meet happen to the high standard it was.

What impressed me the most was that the Match had a complete Benchrest atmosphere no one trying to kick the Benchrest shooters off or out of the reloading area, to let the public in was a refreshing change to see. I am sure if a vote was taken to have the Nationals at Spingsure again it would be an overwhelming yes.

Good on you Springsure first class effort and National Event.

cheers and best wishes Les

Dad, Donny and I wanted to

Dad, Donny and I wanted to say both congratulations, and a big thank you to all of the Springsure crowd who made the Nationals so enjoyable. The friendly atmosphere made the event an absolute pleasure to be at. Congratulations to Robin and Roger for making it into the HOF, it was great to shoot beside Roger for the 4 days and watch it happen.

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Yes, definitely one of the

Yes, definitely one of the best that have been to. Good country atmosphere, good food and friendly people. The motel accommodation was excellent. The shoot ran like clockwork with no obvious dramas. It just shows what can be achieved by a hard working small bunch of people.
Well done Springsure!

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