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Bill Collaros

DAY 1 of 2 Results

Bill Collaros

Well done Darren Morgan your passion and determination has shone through, TRA National Champ and the one to watch at RBA Nationals


Bill Collaros
Sydney - Australia
"Shoot to Thrill"

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Congratulations Darren

Well it was a great competition at the newly renovated Brisbane range
The running of the competition went flawlessly and there was a really good friendly feel to the whole event

Congratulations to Darren he throughly deserved the win and also the Maureen and Billy in Silver and Bronze.
Queensland won the state team award with Digs,Norm,Billy and Stuart representing the state, they all shot well

This is a bit of a different type of competition to the SSAA in that you only have ribbons on aluminuim sticks for flags
Once you start your sixty shots there are no more sighters and if conditions come up that you haven't encountered then its the shooters skill to decide on the hold off.
Certainly is a challenge and test of your nerve or you can simply wait it out till your condition comes around again.
In standing behind some of the shooters that did well the second option seems to be the best method
As there is ample time allowed for the shoot.

The conditions weren't horrible by any means but the challenge for me anyway was reading the push of the wind with the range flags.
But it was when the wind died down that the range got really hard to read
The wind was switchy and the flags were flapping nearly the whole time, maybe not consistent breeze may be a better way to describe it.
I think this is coursed by the walls and berms around the range
The main problem for most was vertical lift or drop which seemed also very hard to pick.

Scoring was different to the other two shoots that we have done at TRA which were scored using the decimal scoring lately at the TRA shoots i.e. 10.9,10.3 etc but in this shoot we didn't .
Not sure if that is a National thing or not but it makes hitting a ten every time very important and lets face it that is what we all want to be able to do anyway
The other scoring with decimals makes it more important to hit the middle out of the ten ring so if you drop a ten you can catch up with a 10.9
There is no catching up with the scoring that was used on the weekend which is the standard scoring technique we all mostly use.

Personally I shot the Turbo on the Friday and the new Holeshot Arms Trident on the Saturday
After coming 19th on the Friday which I don't blame the rifle for the mistakes were all me
I went and finally finished tuning my new rifle in the afternoon
It shoots beautifully and I was 53 shots into the comp on the Saturday with it before I lost a ten.
Kind of tore a hole in my nighty a bit as I still don't know why it went where it did
But then on the 59 th shot my bullet went straight up to 9.6 at twelve o'clock the joys of shooting.
Have to say that although this happened and it does, still had a great shoot.

All the gear and no idea

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Great description

Thanks Jet ,
You have described the conditions perfectly, down in Victoria we are used to shooting with prone flags, the extra time and not being able to return to sighters , on day one I watched Stuart Elliot shoot and It was amazing to watch how many shots he got down when the conditions where good, something I definitely need to work on for future RBA shoots , I was surprised with the scoring , the last 2 years have been decimal scoring
I shot a 630.0 day one , and 630.9 day 2 which is a 10.5 average, considering the conditions I was very happy with that .
Cheers Darren

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Thanks Bill

Thanks Bill , and thank you to all the other shooters for their best wishes and support, it was a shoot that I will never forget

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Final results

Final results

22 tech
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A little story

A little story. About 6 months ago Maureen commented that she was not confident in how things were going. Results were excellent some days, OK the next. As we know half of the benchrest battle is preparation & confidence. She embarked on a journey to review everything, enlisting some of the best names in Australian benchrest in the quest for a winning combination.That drive to succeed combined with her patient wind reading ability were rewarded this week, congrats.
It looked to be a tightly contested comp with the winner not missing. Don't miss and you generally win, outstanding.
Well done to all.
Peter Oliver

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Well done

Well done Maureen. Great shooting, and thanks for the mention.

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I love my Bigstick bamboo

I love my Bigstick bamboo stock.
In case some are wondering about the mention, there are a lot of posts on Facebook where I acknowledged Kim and many others.

The Queen Bee

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Thanks for the support and

Thanks for the support and summary Peter. I can't thank you enough for the help that you generously offered me.

Peter is right. Surround yourself with good people and you will succeed.

To be honest I didn't think I had a chance against so many hard hitters but I hung in there and never gave up.

Some of us assumed decimal scoring on the first day but that was not the case. It was full points or else. The second day every shot had to count with a lot of concentration.

Darren Morgan did it better than anyone to get a 600 on both days. Congratulations champ. The junior to watch out for is Caden Bardwell as his talent was obvious. Congratulations Caden.

I must make a special mention of Stuart Elliott. I was always going to do a training course with Stuart but this time it happened and it paid off. I am impressed by the range of gear at Stuart and Annie Elliott's BRT Shooters Supply shop.

There are many people to thank for getting me back on track. There is only one way now and I'm not going back.

The Queen Bee

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Thanks Maureen

Thank you for your kind words , I went into this competition lacking self confidence, even though I just won the state titles, I looked at the start list and thought if I can get top5 I will be going pretty well, I mentioned this to my wife as she said just shoot your own match and forget about everyone else , try to beat your personal best , and that’s what I tried to do ,
You can get all the best advice in the world but in the end it comes down to you , and that’s what you did Maureen, you did everything by the book , took your time and shot like the true champion that you are , well done , I also use Kim’s bamboo stock ,they are awesome , I just bought another one but haven’t finished it yet , I really enjoyed watching Stuart shoot
I could learn a lot from him ,
Cheers Darren

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