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New TRA Working Group

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Bill Collaros
New TRA Working Group

As promised here is your new RBA Benchrest Working Group, plenty to do and discuss leading up to the RBA Nationals, Next Years' WRABF World Championships and into the future of the sport.

Bill Collaros (NSW), Email:
Richard Lightfoot (VIC), Email:
Darren Morgan (VIC), Email:
Neil Digweed (QLD) Email:
Michael Schneider (QLD) Email:

The working group will be coordinated and / or chaired by one of Target Rifle Australia’s directors currently involved with this working group:

Mr Nick Sullivan (SA) Email:
Mr Anton Wurfel (VIC) Email:

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TRA Working Group Communications

The Working Group met last Saturday in Sydney to develop a plan to promote the RBA shooting format as a discipline within the Target Rifle Australia family of events.
As a part of strengthening the brand, it was decided to utilise the TRA Facebook page to facilitate communications with the membership. Accordingly, official announcements regarding RBA Policy or events will now be released via this platform following an approval protocol agreed to by the members of the working group.
The Working Group today released their 2019 WRABF Selection Policy which can be viewed later today.

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Scott k
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????? Wtf ?????

I want to ask a question to this working group ? How can a group decided to change a qualifying format half way through a qualifying procedure? From what I hear the actual shooters that u are meant to represent were not asked on their thoughts ! It is disgraceful and a joke that it has been done this way ? And what was the reason for change just over a month out from the second qualifying event ? To a lot of people I’ve spoken too looks like it was done to suit people that were not gonna make the team by the old qualifying system ?

Answers please ???

Bill Collaros
New 2019 Qualifications

Bill Collaros
Sydney - Australia
"Shoot to Thrill"

Bill Collaros

I wish to advise I have resigned from this Working Group, i wish them well and feel it best that they move forward with a whole new Broom and thinking. Back to being a shooter for me and enjoying it immensely, see you in Melbourne later this month or Sutherland this weekend.

Bill Collaros
Sydney - Australia
"Shoot to Thrill"

Scott k
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No replies

After emailing every member of this group , not one reply great work guys ur ment to be representatives of us shooters

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No emails received

Hi Scott ,
I have asked and nobody has received any emails from you , I’m more than happy to forward any concerns you have my email is
Cheers Darren

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