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Scope for benchrest

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Scope for benchrest

Which scope do people like & why?

Has to focus down to 20 metres.

Personally, I do not like heavy scopes on rimfires.

Nightforce 42x 44 (I do not want the variable)
March 48 x 52 HM
March EP zoom 40-60 x 52 HM
March 10-60 x 52
Weaver 36

I think the 48 would be the go (save $500), but worried about it being to powerful if the mirage is really bad.

My next choice would be the EP zoom scope because you can dial back the power if the mirage is an issue. However in practice my 36 - 55 zoom does not move from around 50 or so.

What are your thoughts?


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Scope choice

What's your reasoning for not liking a heavy scope? I understand if you are trying to make weight, but other than that?.
What's the reasoning behind not wanting a variable?
Of course in normal circumstances, variable scopes do weigh more however something like the Nightforce 15-55 Competition is not overly heavy and the variability gives you the ability to turn the power down if mirage becomes an issue.
I find the Nightforce variables better than the March but in the fixed game, March appear better than the Nightforce.
If you can get a look through both and your eyes will tell you which is the best.
I have a 15-55 on my rimfire and a 48x52 on my centrefires.

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I have shot 20 meter rimfire

I have shot 20 meter rimfire matches using a Leupold Competition 45x scope.
No problem focusing it down to that distance.

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I agree , the bigger the target the better.

Michael Huebner
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The Nightforce fixed 42x is now obsolete. Once current stock is gone it will be unavailable. It is a great scope and I highly recommend it but maybe the above will sway you towards the March HM48x if you want a fixed power

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The Leupold 45 without a doubt. Gets down to 20 no trouble, not a heavy scope, excellent glass, fixed power, lifetime guarantee, and great value. I believe it is the best all round scope on the market. It ticks all the boxes for me.

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Low Dispersion Glass

At 90 metres low dispersion glass helps.
I have looked through a leupold 45x and the March 40x beat it hands down at 90 metres.

Anybody with a HM 48 fixed or the EP Zoom40-60 want to tell me what they think of their scope.

Their might not be a lot of people using a HM series scope as they may have the 10-60 March or other scope.

As always, thanks for your replies.

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Leupold 40/45 comp series

I have 3 leupold 40 and 45 fixed I love them so if anyone no longer loves theirs I am happy to talk. Send me a PM

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If you think the March is better than the Leupold, then buy it mate. Your money

Expect precision but aim for perfection!

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In the end it is entirely up to you and is a fun thing to work out.
Myself I love the 15-55 Nightforce competition scope.
I also own a the competition 42 fixed scope for my LV rifle but prefer the other one.

Owned a 50 power March fixed but found it didn't let a lot light in whilst shooting under lights at night or in a tunnel.
Have had the opportunity to look through the fixed 48 March and it is a very good scope as well.

As others have mentioned your spoilt for choice, all the best

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Scope for benchrest

I have a custom rifle with a March 8-80 scope & a Walther 54 with a Leupold 45x45. I find both scopes do a great job. If mirage is a problem I can dial the March down to 50 or so, the Leupold handles mirage fine as is. I find the clarity of both exceptional with the March maybe having a slight edge. I am just taking delivery of a Walther KK300 & am having a problem deciding on a scope for it. I would probably select a fixed 50 power in preference to a variable as I feel the extra moving parts on a variable can introduce unwanted movement. Like most things, budget $ do count in any decision.
Hope this helps.

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Bought March 40-60 zoom HM

Thanks for all the replies.

I do believe in low dispersion glass. Also March have a reputation of holding their POI.

I went for the variable even though the fixed power would probably meet my needs.

The HM series are an improvement for March.


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Scope for benchrest


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