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Rimfire scope options

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Rimfire scope options

Hi all,
I am getting a rifle built for the girlfriend and i am after some opinions for a new scope.

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Night force 15-55 is a

Night force 15-55 is a beautiful scope there is also a March 48 fixed that is pretty nice as well

All the gear and no idea

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That’s a good question.
If someone wanted to compete in all available rimfire matches held by all associations what scopes would I need ?

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You would need a 6.5 for the light gun and unlimited for the heavy gun.

John B
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More goodies

You looking to spend some cash? Business must be good Chris.
Just give me a call mate, I can sell you lot's of stuff.

Should of said that it will

Should of said that it will be used for TRA, so will need to focus down to 20 meters

Scope options

Budget scope would be a Weaver 36 about $600 used

Bit more
Leupold competition 35 40 45 power (probably 40x)

March or Nightforce for top end
March HM 48 fixed > $2500
March HM 40-60 zoom > $3,000 (price rise) See BRT


The March 10-60 is my preferred option, I really only use and recommend March scopes and I completly trust Stuart at BRT to advise the best option.

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I would think that there would not be too many people out there who have actually tested scopes against each other. Compared them perhaps but not actually shot them on the range so all we can do is give you our opinions Mitch.
I have a NF 15 -55X52 competition and find it crystal clear glass, absolutely accurate windage and elevation and light weight which allows more weight for the rifle. I have had all the mechanicals checked in a columnator and that is how I know it is so good. It is an expensive scope but I love it.
Another scope you might look at is the Vortex Golden Eagle. It is well priced and the glass and mechanicals are said to be dam good. Good luck with your choice from a great selection mate.

The older I get, the better I used to be!

March vs Nightforce

Could be irrelevant, but I started with March scopes.
Now I just use Nightforce.

March scopes I used - 10-60 and 5-32
Nightforce scopes I use - 15-55 and 42x44

Nothing wrong with March, but noticed two main aspects on them that lead me to change to Nightforce. Not so clear, and at the end of a match I was more eye tired with the March than with the Nightforce...

My experience, nothing more.


Bill Collaros
All great but expensive

If you have a lower budget look at the Sightron and Lynx Options Mitchell

Bill Collaros
Sydney - Australia
"Shoot to Thrill"

Thanks for the replys guys

Thanks for the replys guys

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