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NECK tension

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NECK tension

Gday guys
MY 222 REM is a standard neck
Would it be a advantage to just clean the cases neck up with a turner to a set size Thanks


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Being very new to this great shooting discipline I have asked a few legends of the sport about the infamous 222 benchrest calibre and I sense a bit of closed shop .
In saying that I personally haven’t stopped the idea of finding out and learning about the first great shot range calibre , not to mention I would love to shoot and own one .

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If your rifle has a 'standard

If your rifle has a 'standard' neck then it is probably .255 - large enough to be able to use any factory load anywhere in the World. My old match Shilen had a 248 neck.
I suggest you measure up the neck of a loaded round and see what that comes out at.
Yes - you can clean up the necks of your case to make them even, but remember that when you neck size them in your die, they must have enough 'meat' left on them to ensure sufficient neck tension.
If you are using a Wilson neck sizing die with interchangeable collets then this will be no problem. If you are using a standard die like Redding, RCBS etc etc then you may have a problem.
If you are using quality brass then you may find that just skimming the necks produces a uniform cut.

Have fun!

Acko 13

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