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John B
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Just want to say a big thankyou to all the people at Springsure hosting the Queensland 4 gun. I won't try and name everyone but it was a big effort by a lot of people.
Congratulations to Murray Hicks who gave us all a shooting lesson winning the 4 gun and breaking a couple of records on the way.
We had all sorts of conditions in the 4 days which made it very interesting. Queensland, beautiful one day... not so much the next.
Queensland won the state of origin both football and the shoot and they certainly let us know about it. Thanks guys, really appreciate that.
There were a lot of new competitors which was great to see and I hope to see them all again.



I must say a big thank you to Roger and the target crew for the awesome job they did on Saturday, in conditions that most people would find hard to get out of bed in they did an awesome job with smiles still on there faces.


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