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SSAA Selection Criteria for Aus Teams

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bill collaros
SSAA Selection Criteria for Aus Teams

Thought i may as well put the jet lag and insomnia to good use with a question ?

I have noted the new selection processes and read about concerns etc below is my question in no way made to stir the post or cause an internet political storm, I would just like to know as many others would too i guess...

Can i ask if anyone officially knows if the upcoming IRB Nationals will be the sole selection process for Aus Teams @ WBSF RImfire Worlds next year or will last years results from Springsure still come into play ?

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Rule change

I can't answer your question Bill.
Some time ago we wanted a rule change. We had to have a referendum and then wait for it to be approved and then wait for the new rule book .
Strange how when national want a change it just happens..
We must have two qualifiers for all the reasons Anne said in her post.

bill collaros

Kim a tough question i know but a definative answer from SSAA before the event would be great. I guess in any case we just shoot our best and see how the cards fall...

Bill Collaros Australia
"Shoot to Thrill"

Second Qualifier

For all that may be concerned the IRB Nationals at Newcastle will be the second qualifier for World Championships in France the first qualifier was held in Springsure last year
From memory the ad should state that Newcastle is the 2nd qualifier

bill collaros
Thanks Billo

Appreciate the clarification c u there

Bill Collaros Australia
"Shoot to Thrill"

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