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New Scope Rings

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New Scope Rings

We have sourced and now have available some rimfire scope rings.
New options of 3/4 inch offset, 1 inch offset, and normal in ultralight.
Picture attached.
Best to contact me through Benchrest Bulletin.

22 tech
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What size dovetail do they fit & what size dovetail mounts come with the new Turbo V3 action?
Also what size scope tube sizes?


Hi Tech, sorry for the slow reply, I missed your post.
They fit the USA Davidson base only. These bases are standard on the Turbo and older Falcon actions.
I have rings suitable for 1inch and 30mm scope tubes.
Regards Brett

Rings are a hit

I sold nearly all my scope rings from the first shipment at Nationals.
Just putting together another order now I know what the shooters want / need.

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