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Norma 1 ammo

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Norma 1 ammo

Hi everyone,
I'm looking for Norma 1 rimfire ammo, does anyone know if there's any floating around?

bill collaros
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Vito that stuff was really good at 90m

I think whatever Saltbush Lightfoot did not buy Patzy did, an no one has seen any since :)

Bill Collaros Australia
"Shoot to Thrill"

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Hi Bill,

Hi Bill,

I purchased 2 cases back then (2015 ish) and been shooting very well at prone ever since, it just shoots so well but unfortunately I'm running out of the stuff. I kinda knew there wasn't any left floating around but had to put the question out there.

Cheers mate!


JGA 2013
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Hi Vito

I know where there is nearly a case, I will ask if he wants to sell it and how much he wants for it.

He who share's win's


From my understanding it's made by RWS and is actually R50...I've used it side by side with R50 and it shot exactly the same and I'm sure the box said made in Germany.

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