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Ladies Rule at Western Sydney

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Ladies Rule at Western Sydney

The Western Sydney Spring competition was well contested with some big name Australian Team shooters taking part. In all 26 shooters fought out the trophy but it was Kathy Dundas, the National 200 Fly shoot champion who again took the honours, just beating another super shooter, Brett Wilson with Dave Zuconni in third place. Congratulations Kathy. You are all precision and a class act.
The Junior trophy went to 14 year old Caitlyn Windeyer who is fast becoming a young lady to be watched. Caitlyn also achieved a most credible 5th place in the open HV. This was an excellent performance as she has had no practice since the State IRB in Newcastle back in June. She beat some very experienced shooters,one in particular just back from shooting in South Africa and shooting top quality Eley sponsored ammunition. Well done Caitlyn. You have a great future ahead of you.
Lee McGrann won a hard fought tussle with Brett Wilson for the Sporter trophy, both just ahead of brand new Dad, Matty Brough. Well done Lee.
The 2 gun was fought out between Kathy and Brett. Both shot brilliantly all day and it was a very close result. At the finish it was Brett who prevailed. Congratulations Brett. Good shooting.
Thanks to the Western Sydney Club for a wonderful day and a first class lunch for all. You guys know how to do it right.
The full results can be seen here

How good is Kath

More to these great results for Kath , I believe Kath is one of the most consistent top performing shooters i have ever seen and I also have been told she achieved these great results with a borrowed rifle she has never shot before and donated ammunition?

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Having a good run

Thanks Pete, I will pass your comments on to Kathy.
Due to family committments Kathy has only shot 5 times this year but has made it count when she has turned up. Off to the Pro-Cal challenge in Canberra for the Fly next weekend, that range is always a challenge.
Knighty loaned Kath at the last minute and got some RWS R50 ammo from another competitor so she could at least have ago, Geoff and Kath were on windy bench 18 out on the far side and did not think Geoff's Annie would run with these new fancy rifle builds. Well I was wrong.



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Her run just came to an End

Kathy and I headed to Canberra for the Pro Cal challenge Fly shoot on the weekend, we got there early on Saturday so saw the 500m guys finishing up the day and got some tips. On Sunday we had the 200y Rimfire Fly and Kath was not at her best and the wind was tough as usual, Kathy finished 4th (40+ shooters) and I took the win using her rifle. Was about time I won something and it was excellent practise for next years National Fly champs to be held there in March.


bill collaros
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Kath will be back and.....

and u will be on the lounge eating tinned spam and m&m's for dinner:)

but congrats on the win Dave, this Fly things seems to have some legs

Bill Collaros Australia
"Shoot to Thrill"

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