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Front Rest Position

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Front Rest Position

Greetings Gurus,

First post since I was culled recently (somewhat ironic given my username).

Due to circumstances beyond my control, for the foreseeable future I will not be able to shoot rimfire "off the elbows". After several months of zero trigger time I have put the Annie back into it's wooden stock, stuck a scope on it's rails and dug out the rest and bags.

When doing this on previous occasions I used to set the stock stop on the rest, butt the stock up to it and away I'd go.

This time, as I need to be a little more serious, I have fitted a Sinclair for-end rail adapter. This has got me thinking that there will probably be some folklore, theories and maybe some practical advice regarding where one plonks the rifle onto the the front rest.

Is it just 'suck it and see' or is there some science (or pseudo-science) to this location?


Colin W.

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rest up mate

Seeing as none of the gurus wish to reply I will I was always led to believe and practice this the front piece of the stock plus around an inch to the stop is good as when fired the rifle recalls and has plenty of stock to ride on and be smooth and not fall off one thing is to make sure your rifle is square to the rest and can move smoothly back and forth the rear is on the sand bag set to rear of stock with just a bit protruding to the rear of the bag as with front square to stock and can move smoothly and freely without binding this is what I have read in some of the books available and what I have been told by shooters way better than I hope this helps
one thing if your using the for end thing make sure it is the one piece type which sits flat on the front rest as some disciplines don't allow for the rail type


bill collaros
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Not a Guru but...

Wombats summation sounds similar to mine, in saying that yes suck it and see as every rifle and set up acts differently, another thing to test is if your rifle like total free recoil or being held a bit tighter etc

Bill Collaros Australia
"Shoot to Thrill"

Thanks for the info.

Thanks for the info.

As with all of this stuff, I guess the secret is experimentation and records...

Peter Armstrong Mk1

A lot depends on if you want hold the stock.

If you hold the stock like in prone with the butt into the shoulder but without the sling pulling things down the barrel is going to jump around under recoil.

If you try free recoil and the gun is bit heavy forward the butt will float around in the rear bag.

Because the adapter is going to make the gun sit high in the front bag I’d put the adapter as far forward as possible and put your thumb just behind the tang with a little downward pressure and that will make the gun work a lot better in the bags.


RBA HoF #1 (2007)


Hi Peter,

Interesting that you should mention the thumb pressure.

It is an 1813 stock (thumb hole) and when I have previously shot it in this configuration off a rest I concluded that free-recoil was probably best - the least interference from me the better :) .

On Tuesday night with the new rest and bags, along with the adapter it didn't like free recoil. As the 1813 butt stock is asymmetrical, in free-recoil it finished up pointing in the 6 ring at 11 o'clock. When I shot it with right hand pressure and shoulder contact the end position was 9 ring 12 o'clock and much tighter groups.

I did notice that thumb pressure in the thumb hole did seem to affect the shot placement. Although I couldn't quite make full sense of the effect. Something to work on there I guess.

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