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What are your 2020 shooting ambitions and plans?

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What are your 2020 shooting ambitions and plans?

For the first year in a long time I am not setting a perforance objective for 2020, I will not be trying to make a representitive team or beat Sully to shooter of the year. This year will be a time of change. Tear everything down and start again a-fresh, I have to find the cause for my errant dropped shots.
1st I will be using a new rifle, the trusted V2 Turbo will get a rest and I will be developing my new V3 Turbo. I will be testing this new action throughly.
  For the first time I will be using a barrel that is not a shilen 4 groove ratchet barrel. This rifle will have a Muller Works barrel, that looks like what is described as the 4 groove mini driver (but that is a guess).
  I am also going up in weight, my V2 was campained at 10.5lb for the past 3 years, the new barrel is 0.900" dia vs the old 0.850". Also going with a fancy fiddle back river redgum BigStick, over the bamboo painted green one so will be very close to 14lb.
  Now I don't have to battle the cold winters of Orange I am upgrading to a Bix & Andy trigger, I might also trial a Flarvio as well.
  I have also sourced the new cresent moon firing pin and when the springs finally turn up I will be testing this new pin as well.

2nd, I will completly rework my cleaning procedure, I will move away from my minimal cleaning routine, to a much deeper cleaning process with the use of the bronze brush a lot more.

3nd I will be changing my rest setup, I will put the Randolf away and transition to my Farley and test the 2 rear bag options I have, might have to talk to BRT about a Lenzi.

4th I will shoot less of the big matches, I might not shoot hunterclass or group at all, Coffs might be too far and I will avoid Newcastle while I have to compete at a disadvantage by shooting with saftey glasses I don't normally use. I will shoot more little comps and electronic targets for a change and add some fly shooting for a completly new test. Depending on where RBA is this year, I hope to shoot that. There was a rumor it might be held in NSW, if that is the case I will help with the comp over shooting if the organisers can find me a job.

Lastly, I hope to help out some new shooters, I will cart my spare gear around and some new shooters will have access to it to compete with.

Thats me for 2020, what are your plans.

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Well that's in my dreams.
I hope your new barrel solves a lot of issues.
I measured my new barrel for the purdy method and it is 666 mm long. If you believe in that sort of thing it might be a really kick ass barrel. I really hope so.
I'm not convinced a bronze brush should go in a rimfire so for now I won't be using one at all. I will be buying a borescope to keep an eye on things.

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2020 goals

1. Shoot a yardage with a .2 agg
2. Establish successful monthly benchrest club shoots at silverdale.
3. Encourage new shooters to benchrest
4. Meet and talk to as many shooters as I can .
5. Build and sell the perfect benchrest stock .

I like point 2

Hi Chris
Please keep us updated on this site regarding BR events at silverdale.
It is on my wish list to shoot fly at silverdale with Mr Dundas, I would also like to shoot other comps at silverdale. I could not do every month but could do a few.

Peter Armstrong Mk1


I’ve always put consistency ahead of out and out accuracy and it seems you might be headed that way. Back in maybe 2003 I was getting inconsistencies from target to target and I tracked it down to solvents, I stopped using solvents and the problem went away. You said you have had problems with the odd shot, when I’ve had that it’s either ammo or me and I’d say 90% of the time it’s me pulling the trigger at the wrong time.

I like the look of wooden stocks but wood is affected by humidity. Wood swells along the grain so the length won’t change but the thickness will change with humidity and that affects bedding and that hurts consistency. I like to take my guns out of the safe and know they are going to shoot exactly the same every time.

As for 2020, the last time I bought any gear was 2 sporter barrels in 2014 but this year I’m getting a new firing pin and I’ll be shooting the TRA and IRB nationals. The TRA nationals I’ll be there to win but the IRB I just might be at Canberra making up the numbers.


RBA HoF #1 (2007)

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Off topic

Sorry Peter, the topic is about ambitions for 2020
Wooden stocks if produced correctly and by skilled trades people who know there craft are perfect.
I suppose the late great Terry Leonard never new what he was doing ???

Peter Armstrong Mk1

Thank you for your post, your post is a good example of why these days top shooters don’t seem to post anything about their gear on here.

I’ve always made my own stocks and so far I’ve won 11 nationals and 1 world championships with stocks I’ve made and bedded. So I’ll concede to your greater wisdom on stocks, but do look up seasonal movement in wood.


RBA HoF #1 (2007)

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Timber stocks

There seems to be a hate and mistrust of timber stocks amongst the benchrest community and that gets me stirred up a bit so for that I apologise.
Back on topic.

Thanks Peter

Great reply thank you.
I am 99% certain my dropped shots are me, they are always exactly the same, I pull them down to 6 o'clock.
I was ok for it for a long time as it was only 1 or 2 a day. Towards the end it was 2 or 3 a target, so I have to fix it. I have deleloped a bad habbit of some sort so I am going back to basics and will build back up.
Before I fitted the new redgum BigStick I tried the new V3 in a Turbo aluminium stock for the group shoot. Its was an old barrel that has been on 3 rifles but I was really happy how it shot especially at the 100 yards. Maybe the stock bedding after 3 years was starting to fail, I live in a very wet environment so that is something I need to consider.

Peter Armstrong Mk1

For me the odd shot might be 1 shot over a 6 target match, you seem to have a much bigger problem. I’d normally say you issue is tune, ammo or crown but I’d think you’d be on top of that. So my question is, are you shooting free recoil??

My normal process has always been pick out a match that is my objective and it could be a year or more down the road, then after that match take a break and when I restart shooting I start at square one. If you look at professional sports they have training drills to improve skills and that’s what I do. I start with how I sit at bench and look at can I have my head in a better position to see more flags at a match and things like that. I have drills to improve reading the flags to pulling the trigger everything is covered by a training drill and I don’t move onto the next drill until the one I’m doing is perfect. This is what I’ve always done so for me it works.


RBA HoF #1 (2007)

22 tech
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ambitions and plans

Busy year ahead

1. Helping delegate Mike out a lot more. 2019 abandoned ship to concentrate on fixing own game. Sorry mate.
2. Help getting WASRA electronic targets commissioned for outdoor & indoor if range approval issues are ever
3. Go to my first TRA nationals at Easter.
4. WA 200 fly state titles in July.
5. Hone the setup of new Turbo V3 & put into production prototypes of bolt protector, bore guide.


bill collaros
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2020 goal more medals

1. Get fitter
2. Get hungrier
3. Get amongst the medals

Bill Collaros Australia
"Shoot to Thrill"

Easy flowing...

For 2020, I want to work on 3 main areas:

. Easy flowing, meaning a more relaxed way of starting and finishing a target
. Stronger mental attitude
. More connexion with the wind, being more in deep with this third element

I know the results will follow this approach.


First post so be gentle.

First post so be gentle.

2020 will be a follow on from late last year with the plan to attend as many away comps as I can.
Retiring mid last year allowed me to shoot a couple away shoots that I really enjoyed and has me keener to do more of it.

Already done 2 events this year with plans to get away for every event I can squeeze in. I'm in Victoria so will be doing State stuff but would like to get to Tassie for their State comp.
Rimfire bench rest is my passion with 20m at the home club range but love the 50 and 90 disciplines just have to travel to shoot them which I now have the time and inclination to do.

I've been a weekly club shooter for about 10 years but I'm dedicated and committed enough now to step it up a bit to
enjoy the company of others and test myself.

I consider myself competitive enough but wanting to find that improvement with more experience and involvement.

Time will tell,


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Don't worry

There are only gentle folks here.

Welcome aboard!


BB Administrator

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