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Silverdale benchrest.

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Silverdale benchrest.

We are about to embark on getting benchrest back to the infamous Silverdale range.
After consulting with Sydney branch and range management late last year we have succeeded in arranging monthly shoots at the range.
The shoots will be held on a Saturday morning and would occur during normal range hours with the general public shooting on the other benches we have not been allocated.
There will be a “Custom”class and a “Factory/ Hunting rifle” class.

I am fully aware of the issues I will undoubtedly have with the current range management but for the future of short range centrefire we are willing to push through
The hurdles and make it work.
We would greatly appreciate anyone to get involved and come along.
The dates are as follows.
* February 15th
* March 21st
* April No shoot (Nationals in ACT)
* May 16th
* June 20th
* July No shoot (NSW titles in Coffs)
* August 15th
* September 19th
* (Possible Registered Match)
* November 21st.

The range management has requested that we give them an estimated amount of benches we would require early the week prior to our shoots.
We would need folks who wish to shoot please let us know prior so we can inform the range of numbers.
Anyone can email us at to register for the shoot or send me a PM on this forum.
Cheers Chris

Centrefire only?

Hi Chris
More details about targets / events to be shot each month would be a great help for us shooters to plan.
Any chance future plans might include rimfire?

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Each shoot would be group shooting using standard SSAA short range targets.
There will be 5 targets for the morning shot during the standard open range periods.
From 9am to around 10 am we shoot 2 targets.
From about 10:15 am to 11:00 am we shoot another 2 targets and from around 11:15 am to 12:00 we will shoot our last target .
So after measuring pack up collecting flags and presentation proceeding would wrap up around 1pm.
Each month will be a different distance on February 15 we will shoot 100 yds
and in March we shoot 200 yds and so on.
As far as rimfire goes it’s something i haven’t considered.
Looking at this forum for a while now and I got the impression Sydney had multiple clubs and event to shoot all year round.
In saying that I don’t see IRB shot in Sydney which is a shame.
Sydney branches policy is all about making money and competition shooting is way down their ladder of importance
We have a lot to do to try and establish a good relationship between our selves as a benchrest community and Sydney branch but it’s a start.
If someone has Mr dundas’s contact details could they please PM them to me .
Cheers Chris

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Silverdale Benchrest Match Rule

Standard daily range fees apply and include match targets.

*Competition is open to all rifles and calibers.

*Front rests, front bags, rear bags and bi-pods are allowed.

*Unlimited scope magnification and rifle weight 

*Matches will be shot over 100 yds and 200 yds only.

*Only one yardage will be shot per day.

*Rifle categories will be determined during shooters muster prior to match.

*No magazines allowed during match (single shot only).

*Match will be run during the standard range time periods and shooting will begin after the the range open order is given and finished on the range closure order.

*All shooters participating in the match must abide by standard range rules and protocols. [NOTE] Orders and instruction from range officers must be followed.


*A centre-fire or rimfire rifle with a custom action, barrel and stock in any caliber designed for competition is classified as custom/target rifle
*A rifle designed for hunting with standard hunting barrels and actions and stocks is classified as a factory/hunting rifle [No custom actions]
[NOTE] Any factory rifle produced for the purpose of target shooting or a modified hunting will be classified as a custom/target rifle.
E.g. USA PPC, 6x45, 6x47 or any custom action used on a hunting platform.

*CUSTOM/TARGET CENRE-FIRE (No score handicap).
* A CUSTOM/TARGET RIMFIRE rifle (10% score handicap).
* A FACTORY/HUNTING rifle (25% score handicap).


*Targets will be standard competition bench-rest targets, for both 100yds and 200 yardages.
* 5 shots in scoring target - unlimited shots in lower sighting target.

These handicap numbers are at this stage only at preliminary levels .
They may change with consultation with attending shooters as time progresses

Silverdale range closed

G'day Chris, in case you haven't heard, Silverdale has taken a hit in these storms and is closed until further notice. I have no idea what happened exactly, but they said, civil and infrastructure damage. Closed until further notice.

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Range closed

Howdy .
Yes just heard range is closed indefinitely so no benchrest this weekend.
We will cancel this months shoot and hope we can have one next month .
Thanks Chris

Peter Armstrong Mk1


I don’t know what the current problem is at Silverdale is but I’ve seen what has happened in the past. At the back left corner behind the 200 target frame there is a dam and in past it has burst and done a bit of damage. On the far right of the range maybe 20m or so in front of the benches there is a gully and that’s where the water goes and where the large stone blocks on the right of the 50m target frames are, I’ve seen that whole area washed down the gully.


RBA HoF #1 (2007)

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Happy birthday Barry

Happy birthday Barry, I'm still here 16 years your senior. Be positive and make every day special.


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