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Is there a future for Rimfire BR

What is the future of rimfire BR,
After taking our 13 year old son to the last shoot where he was dissapointed .
-Charged the same entry fee as senior shooters
-There was only 2 juniors that competed .
- travelled 4 hours each way.
-supported the canteen all day .
-We both shot 3 classes .
-cost our family a few hundred dollars.
Only to get in the car to leave the range , when our son said I won all classes for a junior and got nothing except a well done good shooting to the juniors comment at the presentation . Now how hard and much cost is it to present the juniors with something for their efforts , as they are the future of the sport surviving ??
Our Family travelled over 10,000 km’s competing last year in rimfire BR where at most events our 2 sons and myself competed , this is our decision and a large financial cost to our family which we may have to reconsider our decision if we stay with the sport anymore.
Regards Pete


Well done

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It Is an unfortunate thing to take juniors around and only have them half recognised not good and some do some don’t offer juniors at half the nomination fees we treat pensioners the same and I do think some charge a bit much in the nominations and offer no discount for doing more than one event we all travel some distance to attend these shoots bad enough the censors get no recognition but really bad for the juniors it means the world to them we need to recognise our juniors more and although there is nothing in the book for it we all need to have trophies for the juniors if for nothing else other than encouragement rather than saying good on you young fellow the coast is nothing compared to the smiles on their faces shame on all of us



I hear you and can only say it has been a let down by many of us over time, without new comers, we are all going to have the problem of a dying discipline.

I commend you on taking the choice to do shoots, taking the time and money to get to and supporting the host clubs. I am in north QLD so we know about traveling to go to shoots. My thoughts and I hope any one else reading this post, can only say it was an oversight and it saddens me to think you are thinking of not doing it anymore.

I think most clubs could buy the SSAA gold, silver and bronze medallions to give out as recognition of juniors in discipline shoots.
Something small that would be treasured and makes it worth while, most probably only cost $5 each.

Most importantly,
Having a junior development person in the clubs. We need to grow our sport and that comes from ground up. Without new members and juniors we find ourselves in the not to distant future saying how good the old days were and now they are just memories, as no one does it anymore.

You are most welcome if you ever decide to come up our way to visit and enjoy our hospitality. We have a couple of juniors in our club and a few more at one our shoots would make their day.


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SSAA has a rule that a junior will not be charged more than half the adult entry fee.
Without juniors our sport will die with all us old blokes.

I use to fly model aeroplanes competitive like shooting there were some juniors but not many. I flew with my son when he was a junior and loved it. The entry fee for juniors was always half that for an adult and there was always something for the juniors. My son has a trophy that was won by one of our club members in the past he had the name plate changed and re used the trophy. My son loved that one as he knew where it came from. It came from the heart.

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I have seen in some clubs up this way juniors got some small trophy for their effort and if they shot a personal best they got a packet or two of ammo to help them on their way.


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Well done Pete. Your boys are enthusiastic and great young shooters. I am so pleased with how they are improving all the time. Michael has reached A grade and is making it hard for the old top shooters and Mark is catching up at a rapid rate. These young men are our future and need support and emcouragement. Both SSAA and NSWSARAI need to make it very clear to all their affilliated clubs that at any competition where travelling more than 20km, any junior should be charged 1/2 price entry fee and be awarded a small trophy/medallion if they finish in the top 3 junior placings.
It would not be too hard I hope for this to happen. After all SSAA are constantly asking members to nominate a new junior each month in their magazine. I dont know about NSWSARAI.Perhaps someone can help with contact details for them.

Expect precision but aim for perfection!

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It is good that young Mark will be rewarded with a medal after his good performance against seasoned shooters. Has he got it yet Peter and what did he think of it. I bet he would be tickled pink and showing it to all his mates.

Expect precision but aim for perfection!

Hi Knighty
I gave Bill our Po Box number when Bill asked as our family had other plans for Easter and we were away , but no we haven’t received anything ? ( Bloody Australia Post lol)

The meeting at sutherland on 24th feb did not advertise a junior comp or any awards for juniors

why would a junior enter a comp for seniors and expect an award for a junior - is this the normal thing ?

what happens if a junior out scores a senior - two awards ??

Trevor Booth.

I'm new to Bench rest and will be having a dabble somewhere along the way as well as some Fly shooting I normally shoot F/ Open or F/ Standard at our prize meets juniors are always charged less and there is a prize for top junior at the end of the competition day but they are still competing against other shooters in the class they are shooting in and not in a Junior class

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fixed 2 years ago and hopefully a good lesson was learned for future events by the club and other organisers.

Bill Collaros Australia
"Shoot to Thrill"