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What scope mounting system for Anschutz 54.30?

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John Weigel
What scope mounting system for Anschutz 54.30?

Does anyone have a suggestion for a rail or other scope-mounting system be it picatinny, dovetail, or otherwise, that will suit new Anschutz 54.30 BR AND is likely to be available in Australia? Thanks in advance!



BRT sell the Aussue made Trentech rings that suit the job. Just need to decide if you want double or single screw and what scope tube dia. 30mm double screw example in the link below is what I would use if 30mm tube like my March.

John Weigel
Well, not really...

Hi Brett,

I love Trentech rings. But the Anschutz in question is a different animal. I borrowed one of my spare Trentechs to demonstrate the point in this photo. The Anschutz dovetail is very tiny with slight profile. If anyone has any clues as to how to hitch into the Anschutz system, I'd be very thankful. John

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You maybe need to flip the left side clamp. One toe is longer and you have it on the bottom.

what Kim said

I have Trentec on my Anschutz, just flip the left side over with fit perfectly.


Good choice is a Sportsmatch UK rings for you 54.30BR, good quality and perfect fit. and is the sole Australia agent.


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