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NSW residents need to action this urgently

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NSW residents need to action this urgently

There has been some previous discussion here on BB regarding the proposed Firearms and Weapons Legislation Amendment (Criminal Use) Bill in NSW. Its a truly horrendous piece of legislation. Please get every person you can in NSW to sign this partition opposing the bill. It is open to NSW residents only:

John B
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Thanks Fergus

I had no idea about this. This legislation would affect most sporting shooters, hopefully the message gets out.

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NSW Residents, please sign this online petition.

Below is a link so you can sign this petition, it is really important for as many shooters as possible action this.

A number of us have already lodged formal submissions in regard to this Bill.


BB Administrator

Firearms and Weapons Legislation Amendment (Criminal use)

The petition mentioned in Rob's post is open for signatures from concerned parties and one does not have to be a shooter just a resident of NSW of voting age.
All are urged to read Firearms and Weapons Legislation Amendment (Criminal use) Bill 2020 particularly the section dealing with Firearms Precursor definition, "any object, device, substance, material or document used or capable of being used in the process of manufacturing a firearm or firearm part (including software or plans)."
The intent of the Bill is no doubt meant to stop criminals, which is applauded, but unfortunately is not well researched as in the Bill's current form there are consequences that could see the law abiding under threat of a criminal prosecution. The broad nature of definition of Firearms Precursor could include every day items in your workshop, garage office or library such as lathe, wrench, screwdriver, firearms publications etc. which could see modifications or carrying out routine maintenance deemed a criminal offence the way the Bill stands in its current form. The Bill doesn't differentiate between licensed firearms owners or criminals and entitles Police to act on suspicion of an offence without probable cause.
You are urged to spread the petition to all parties who may be affronted by the non discriminatory nature of the Bill in its current form.
Ann Brummell

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