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CBSC current update

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Colo Benchrest ...
CBSC current update
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Attention Shooters,

We have now completed installing the "Elevation Limiting Bars" to each bench at CBSC on the 20/6/2021. These bars will have to be used by everyone attending the Range for general shooting and sighting in. The bars are a condition of F.A.R. approval process except for when the use of a 75mm wide front rest is used in competition. We have installed soft rubber lining to them so no barrels will get scratched or damaged whilst shooting.

Soft filling is still being imported at the 50m range and topping of the whole area from the benches to the 50m targets is to take place this week. Then it's only to lift the 300yd stop butt a further 1.5m and we will be ready for inspection by F.A.R.

Photos of the Elevation Limiting Bars are attached.

Many thanks

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Great consistency by FAR

Funny I have never seen these on any range I have ever shot at. Another great example of consistency in the rulings by the FAR


I do not think you will see any thing like this on this planet


elevation limiting

if you don't use a front rest or a bipod you could drop the butt onto the bench with the barrel touching the bar and defeat the purpose ??

Trevor Booth.

Colo Benchrest ...
Elevation Limiting Bars

In reference to your comments on the limiting bars installed at our range as directed by FAR, let us please explain a few facts…

#1 Rest is defined as a supporting device, pedestal, block or tripod.
#2 Bench is defined in the dictionary as a strong working table.
#3 It is within our “Club Rules” that all shooters attending our range MUST use a front and rear rest.
#4 The location of our range is that the shooting direction is toward a road and therefore is categorised as an NDA (Non- Standard Open No Danger Area) which precludes the risk of injury or damage to persons or property outside the range.
#5 Apart from having a 6m high sand stop butt in front of a 22m high tree lined hill between the targets and road with an 800m buffer zone, Registry are concerned that the “Cone of Fire”, which is 40mm, 2.25 degrees of centrefire rifles, the limiting bars reduce the “Cone of Fire” or Quadrant elevations from 2.25 degrees down to 0.818 degrees and therefore gives a much less chance of escaping the range.
#6 We have had to engage the “Senior Ballistic Scientist” from Thales Australia, who has carried out his detailed data for scenarios for calibres from .22 rimfire through to a 308 WIN. using 168gr Sierra Matchking projectiles and had identified that a .243 WIN with a 55gr Nosler Ballistic tip as the flattest shooting factory bullet having a muzzle velocity of 4025fts would be capable of missing the top of the 6m stop butt by 0.79m even when using the limiting bars. Hence the extra topping of the 300yd stop butt by 1-1.5m.
#7 The limiting bars are to be positioned when your rifle is sighted on target and on front and rear rests.

They are only to be used for general shooting days and for sighting in your rifle.
When a competition is conducted and all shooters are using a SEB, Farley, JJ or other make of rest then the limiting bars do not have to be used.

I hope this has clarified a few points of concern you have in using the limiting bars. If they are something you feel you are not prepared to use in conjunction with front and rear rest at our range then perhaps placing your rifle butt on a bench at another range may be more suitable.

Thank you,
CBSC Committee

elevation limiting bars

thank you for the explanation
seems worthwhile and should not affect the shooter
if that is what needs to be done to get a new range up and running then that is what must be done
hope it is all go very soon


Trevor Booth.

Not new

Limit bars are not new, we have had them for a few years at my smallbore club both for BR and prone.
We adjust them to suit both your barrel height and restrict side to side as well. Ours are bench mounted.


What range would that be Brett Thank you



Springwood smallbore club in the Blue Mountains.

bill collaros
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Hornsby - Nth Sydney

Has them too from memory

Bill Collaros Australia
"Shoot to Thrill"

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