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CBSC current update

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Colo Benchrest ...
CBSC current update

Hi All,

With all expectations that the Covid restrictions will ease dramatically by mid October 2021, we should be able to have our inspection by F.A.R. soon after!! With that, we have revised our Proposed Shooting Calendar for November/December 2021 along with our new Proposed Calendar for 2022.

Keep watching for further updates as they come to hand.

Thank you!!
CBSC Committee

bill collaros
bill collaros's picture
Rimfire Comps

Thanks for adding those 2 weekend Rimfire Comps to the calendar for next Sept and Oct, i look forward to meeting you up there, having a look at the range and nutting some comps unique to Colo

Bill Collaros Australia
"Shoot to Thrill"

John Weigel
CBSC schedule

Congratulations to CBSC Committee for creating something from nothing, against the full force of negative bureaucracies. As an average punter, what do I need to do to enrol/join/conspire in order to shoot at the new range when you are up and going? Or is it just a matter of rocking up on the day?

just a suggestion

Have you thought about people paying for club membership online? Just the other day i found the last membership reminder you sent last year. I didnt pay it last year as i had an op on my ankle and was house bound for a few months and clean forgot about it.

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