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any Colo range updates?

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any Colo range updates?

Does anyone have any updates on the Colo benchrest range?

John B
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I'm hearing it should be

I'm hearing it should be ready January / February next year. Work is progressing well but they need volunteers. If anyone can spare a day or two on a weekend contact Peter or Kerry to confirm.
Their contact number is on their website here is the link:

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CBRC is moving along well.
Firing line formwork is done and awaiting council inspection prior to pouring.
Steel moulds for pouring of benches are complete to world benchrest specification and the 25 benches will be poured in tangent with the firing line
All fencing has been installed to firearms registry requirements and the front entry gates are complete
Taget line disabled toilets and power are roughed in and the 25 steel bench supports are under way
This weekend the club is setting up a stand at the quarterly Penrith gun show.
Their goal this weekend is to both promote the club, the range and to continue its long term goal to introduce the gun fraternity to benchrest and primarily to target shooting in general .
It’s difficult to set a firm opening date so they ask for patience.
Peter and his small family with a couple of regular volunteeers are physically building this facility on their own on weekends and holding down day jobs
As John stated any help would be appreciated . Cheers Chris Clarke

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Pouring slab

Heading to colo range this Saturday morning to pour the 60 metre x 5 metre firing line slab and the first 5 concrete shooting benches .45 cubic metres of concrete 8 trucks worth of concrete gonna be a big day on the shovels IMG_0799.jpg

John B
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Slab poured

Good to see the firing line slab now done. Looks fairly wide too which is good.
Well done Pete and the rest of the gang.

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Colo Benchrest Range

I would love to give you a hand but I can't walk 50 yards without stopping to get my breath and have a few sucks on the puffer. One day I hope to have a shot on the Colo range , particularly since Peter, relatives and family have put their money and hard toil into this venture. I do hope the range is up and running early next year though safety must be the number one priority.


22 tech
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Excellent work

Looking good.
Out of interest what is the parking like? Private ranges in America look to be able to back the car right up to the firing point. Nice & convenient for benchrest.

Im know the green area behind

Im know the green area behind those cars parked will be a NO PARKING zone. Septic tanks are under the ground there.

J Armstrong.
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Hi peter, mate you won’t be able to back up to the line but there will be parking close on either side

Thanks mate


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