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Springwood RBA Challenge

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Springwood RBA Challenge
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Springwood Smallbore & Air Rifle Club would like to invite all interested benchrest shooters to an informal RBA shoot.
Come and practice for the National titles or just come and have a try of this exciting but hard discipline.

Date: 23rd October 2022

Time: Range Open 7am – Commence Fire 8:30am – Presentations 4:20pm

2 Targets Heavy Varmint (15lb rifle)
2 Targets Light Varmint (10.5lb rifle)
2 Targets International Sporter (8.5lb rifle with 6.5power scope)

Prizes awarded in each class plus Jnr prizes. All selected from the prize table provided by our sponsors. (No grading in RBA)

Rules: Standard RBA rule book to be used – except for a modified bench rotation to be used to keep a fast pace and reduce stress.

Places available: 20 shooters per class

Cost $15 per Class or $40 for all 3 classes.

Lodge your registration to Brett Wilson by
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or Private message me on Bench Rest Bulletin
or Email:

Tell me:
Which classes you would like to shoot
If sharing with another person.
If left handed shooter

Please print the attached poster and put up in your clubs.

bill collaros
bill collaros's picture
Nice one Brett and Springwood

Mate as discussed that is my daughters 30th so sadly can not make it. You have my blessing and thanks for getting this 1st RBA comp up and running at Springwood. Good luck to all and please support it so other clubs also get on board with TRA RBA

Bill Collaros Australia
"Shoot to Thrill"

We have 11 shooters - only 9 spots left

Get your nominations in soon to book your place.
Only 9 spots left in Heavy class.

Up to 15 shooters - only 5 spots left

We only have 5 spots left in the HV class, a few extra in the other classes.

17 in HV now

Only 3 spots left (more in LV and Sporter).

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