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Target Rifle Australia Nationals

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bill collaros
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Target Rifle Australia Nationals

Reminder: Entries close 3rd March, 2023.

Entries need to be lodged by 3rd March 2023. Late entries will only be accepted if space permits and details of a valid WA Police Temporary Firearms permit number are provided.

West Australia law does NOT recognise a firearms licence issued by any other Australian jurisdiction.

ALL competitors MUST have a Temporary Firearms Permit issued by the WA Police Licensing Service. This permit will be issued FREE to all entries received by 3rd March and all required details of firearms and travel dates have been provided to Organisers. Any later entry may need to pay the $113 Temporary Permit fee.

To get a MANDATORY WA Police Temporary Firearm Permit all competitors will need to provide firearms details being carried into WA. Collection of all firearm details will ONLY be done AFTER the organisers receive an entry form.

Organisers will request each competitor to lodge personal details either on-line via a secure WASRA web site or a request, using a separate application form, will be posted with return envelope.

Every effort will be taken to ensure the security of this information and it will only be provided as required by WA Police Licensing personnel for the purpose of issuing a Temporary Firearms Permit.

For more details or to check local requirements for possession of firearms in West Australia go to:


Enquiries can be forwarded to:

WASRA Organising Secretary: Kerryanne OLIVER
Ph: 042 888 1954

bill collaros
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Note re rear bags

2023 TRA National Championships Bench Rest Events.


Thu 2/16/2023 9:59 AM

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Correspondence re 2023 TRA N...


Memorandum To:

Member Organisations,

Affiliated Clubs,



Dear All,


Subject: 2023 TRA National Championships Bench Rest Events.


As there is an ongoing review for rule TRA Supplementary Rule A.24.6, any competitor with a stock/bag that is not within the rule at the 2023 TRA National Championships will be advised it does not comply however will NOT be disqualified from any Bench Rest events at the 2023 TRA National Championships.

Bill Collaros Australia
"Shoot to Thrill"

bill collaros
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Bill Collaros Australia
"Shoot to Thrill"

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