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2023 Silverdale Cub shoots

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2023 Silverdale Cub shoots
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Hello everyone.

We finally managed to have a benchrest club shoot at Silverdale after the range was destroyed by flooding early in 2022.

Results for Saturday 18/2/2023 are attached.

John Babic took out the first round with a brilliant .198 aggregate and Brenda Brown second with a tidy .256 aggregate.
Well done to our new 12 year old debutant Hunter Harris who shot some great groups for a first timer shooting groups, finishing in 6th place with a .436 aggregate.
Jack Lipko shot the smallest group of the day with a .135 target.
It was good to have a couple of Fly shooters join the ranks this round after dusting off their PPC rifles and getting amongst it all .

We have introduced a handicap system this season to try and level the playing field a little between the beginners and the experienced competitors.
*Hall of Fame shooters have a 100 thou score added to their grand aggregate
* Shooters who compete in registered short range competitions have 50 thou added to their grand aggregate.
* New and lesser experienced shooters don't receive any change to their grand aggregate.

The new handicap system didn't effect this rounds placings, but I think as the year progresses and scores get tighter we could see some different results.

Well done to everyone.

Congratulations to John Babic who shot particularly well.

Well done to everyone on the day. It's great to be back.

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