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22LR match barrel life

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22LR match barrel life

Hi all. I am interested in other peoples experiences and thoughts on 22LR match grade barrel wear and live expectancy before any down side appears on accuracy.
I often hear people say "when I first got it it was so go". Referring to ether a new barrel or complete rifle.
Originally I bought a Anschutz 1913 and for club or even state title shooting I thought it was a good package. After about two years I was struggling, shooting well but just off the pace a little. Not blaming the gun I looked everywhere else and it never came back. My cleaning was not so often (between 1,000 and 2,000 shoots).
In 2021 I got a new Krieger barrel fitted and I could do no wrong, shooting score I have never shoot before.
The end of 2022 to now I am back in that spot. Still shooting OK but I know it not what it could be.
So again two years later and about 9,000 shoots.
Cleaning was after each match. 3 oily patches then put in the safe and completed the clean before I used it again.
Not naming and shaming the above brands as I am extremely happy and if it is what it is I would do it again. It's a expensive exercise for that little bit more. Or am I overlooking something (operator error).
The only wear I can see is at 6 o'clock (bottom of the barrel. See attachment) the barrel is not a mirror finish (a little ruff small pitting perhaps) and 12 o'clock looks like new. I have only used Eley match amo it both barrels.
I have read the primer residual Canbe harsh and possibly what marks the bottom of the barrel and maybe the corse of my barrels short life expectancy of it best accuracy.
Any thoughts you would like to share would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks Adam

Do you have a carbon ring in

Do you have a carbon ring in the lead of the chamber??? That can cause issues.

Shaun Stoffels


Up date.
Thanks quickoz. No carbon ring in the lead of the chamber.
The above picture doesn't do justice. You can only see the ruffling in the shadow area. If you moving the borescope along it's more visible. Maybe first 1/2 of the barrel only at the 6 O,clock position.
I have stopped cleaning and it's shooting better at the moment. Took Maybe a month to come better and I have not cleaned it for about 3 months now.

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