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WBC Team person required

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David mac
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WBC Team person required

Hi everyone
Due to unforeseen circumstances, one of the competitors from the WBC centrefire C team has had to pull out at late notice. The Benchrest delegates are putting it out to all the shooters who shot one of the two qualifiers Springsure, or Canberra can put their name forward as a replacement keep in mind that this is a self-funded trip that will cost around ($10000) I need to know anyone who is interested in going as a shooter in team C by Friday afternoon 23ed of June. (This is a commitment Not a Maybe)
Please contact me by email

David McKillop
National Benchrest chairman

bill collaros
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New Team

What is the new Team makeup Dave so we can congratulate them ?

Bill Collaros Australia
"Shoot to Thrill"

John B
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Team for WBC16 in France

The teams are ready and will be flying out in just over a week.

This is the line up:
Team A: Milan Morrell, Paul Sullivan, Michael Thompson, Gavin Marshall
Team B: John Babic, Michael Huebner, Les Fraser, Andrew Proll
Team C: Thomas Thompson, Keith Sewell, Alistair McMillan, John Gnech.

It's been a good preperation and we are all looking forward to the challenge.

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Bon chance!

Bon chance!

Just remember...Je suis they don't think you are English!

bill collaros
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Go get em

Team Oz

Bill Collaros Australia
"Shoot to Thrill"

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