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Eley Team or Center-X

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Eley Team or Center-X

Thank s guys
what have you found shoots the best in your guns

Center X or Eley team

Thank thanks for your time Bill


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Ammo advice

Hi Chris,

As per my previous post to you - this comes back to what your expectations are

Like many people - I've spent a lot of time and money evaluating ammo for my rifle and set-up and have done so under a strict regime of testing - importantly - to demonstrate repeatability in the tests.

If the odd dropped shot is acceptable - then by all means use Eley Club for practice.

For Club days and depending on what suits your rifle better - go with Centre-X and/or Eley Match (both similarly priced) as this will remove the flyers and inconsistency but will still (in both brands) leave the odd dropped shot (one or two per box) which while it can be frustrating - still represents the best value for money.

For anything else e.g. competition - spend a bit more (e.g. for Lapua Midas '+') and you'll immediately see the benefit in terms of consistency. One interesting point to note here - many of us have found that top grade ammo such as Lapua X-Act and Eley Tenex have not produced the results we would have expected. And none of us can explain that !!!



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Eley Team


Took a brick of Eley Team @1053 to the range last night and did some testing. It was a little windy but still possible to compare ammo.
The Team work extemely well in my rifle, it group well and I did two 20 shot targets. I compared it to some Eley Tenex and Match that I had and the Team was by far the best on the night. The Eley match was an unproven lot\speed but the batch of Tenex has served me well in the past but did not perform last night. The best target of the night of mine was shot with Eley Team so will be trying it again in still conditions.
We had another rifle to test it in (FWB 2700 super match) but it did not perform well at all, we later tryed some RWS in that rifle and it worked well - go figure!
Other shooters were impressed by the results of the Eley Team so I gave a couple of boxes away to guys with Annies to get their opinions as well.

As others have mentioned you just have to find what your rilfe likes and then get enough of it to last you. I will certainly be buying more Team in the future, its ideal for Eley shooters as it users the same lube at Match and Tenex so no need to clean and shoot foulers when changing ammo.




G day Dave
I am glad the team work for you
I would sure like to know how the other guys found them
One of our guys just started using them in his annie and he realy
likes them
They do not seem to work in the walther May have a bad lot
Good luck


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