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308w Omark for Hunter class

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308w Omark for Hunter class

I would like to have a go at heavy hunter class benchrest and I'm currently shooting F-Class standard with a 308w Omark Mod44 rifle.

Would a 308 be suitable for this?

I've been looking at getting a new stock and a benchrest to shoot fly with it and think it will make the weight limit (it is almost 7.5kg with a large f-class bipod on it).

Tony Allinson
While 308W may not be the

While 308W may not be the present favourite calibre for Hunter Class, it is close to the mark, it used to be very popular, and can be used successfully. Its only drawback being the amount of recoil over a full match of 50 plus rounds.

Your only other problem would appear to be the weight limit of 6.35kg with your particular rifle.


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the weight will be close, but

the weight will be close, but I think I can scrape it in.

308 W

G Day Tony
you would rember afew of the guys that shot 308 at Silverdale
I think one is a gun smith
Boy could he shot it
They used selected 168 gr seriara back then The recoil beat then in the end


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308W for Hunter

It has been done not so long ago and was downloaded somewhat useing 110 grain projectiles if its accuate cant see a problem.
Take the Bi-Pod off and make sure it dosent go over 6.35Kg and will be fine.

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G'Day all, from memory,

G'Day all,
from memory, doesn't hunter class require a magazine feed for a minium of 2 rounds and isn't the Omark a single shot action? If so it cant be legal for hunter class can it?
Just trying to ensure no one gets messed around............
Cheerio Geoff

Geoff, Heavy Class or Custom


Heavy Class or Custom Class or whatever it's called these days is the same as Heavy !!!!!!! whatever you call it these days but a rifle weight of 14lbs in the old imperial system.


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