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Barrel Length Short or Long?

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Barrel Length Short or Long?
Hi Guys, can I have some feedback on what you consider to be a good short length barrel? I have a 3 Position Anschutz 1913 rifle in a 2213 alloy stock with a 690mm standard Anschutz black barrel. I am considering getting a shorter barrel so I can: a) move the centre of gravity back for a better standing position so the rifle is not so nose heavy, b) add a long alloy barrel tuner so that I can tune the barrel and keep a long sight radius for the peep sights. I have seen a lot of benchrest rifles with short barrels (I reckon some of them are 500mm or so and they seem to shoot good groups. I was thinking of getting a thick fluted barrel. Obviously accuracy is everything but does the barrel have to be long to get the best accuracy or could I go to a much shorter barrel to achieve my goals. Your thoughts?
Good Day Jamie, I can only
Good Day Jamie, I can only say what i've read over the years and what i've heard around the tracks. If you look at it, most of the long range target rifles have a longer and heavier barrel, for accuracy, but i have seen shorter barrels which are pretty good also. Longer will stablize the pill longer. If you look at a shorter barrel, it may work like a pistol, spreads well. But it to your prefrence. Shorter barrels i have seen shoot under 10mm with 5 shots at 50. Just remember 18 inches is the shortest barrel you can go....or if your under your weight you can put some weight in the stock if you can do so. Hope this helps. just for bit of instrest the new worlds record for a 50cal over the 1000 yards is just above 1.5 inches....but the barrel is 6 foot long total length of the rifle near 8 foot mark......Big..... shot by a yank last year ..beating to old record of 1.7+ inches.

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