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2013 Southern Cross 1000yd BR Championship Info/Rules

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2013 Southern Cross 1000yd BR Championship Info/Rules

2013 Southern Cross 1000yd BR Championship

As a result of the interest and support generated by the recent Southern Cross 1000yd BR Rendezvous, the Narromine Dubbo Rifle Club has reserved the 2nd weekend in July 2013 (13th and 14th) for a 2 day 4 target event which has been designated as the Inaugural Southern Cross 1000yd BR Championship.

The thursday and friday prior to the event have been allocated as practice and sighting days for attending competitors.

Competitor provision and erection of flags/wind indicators is most welcome on the N-D range. Unless the flags are livestock resistant, it is recommended that that they be dismantled or removed at the end of each days shooting.

Classes of competition will include :-

* IBS Heavy Gun and IBS Lightgun. (Blind Shooting)

* Standard Class Heavy Gun and Light Gun ( Marked Target Shooting)

* The Jim Clifford Trophy will again be awarded to the top group aggregate shooter in both the IBS LG and Standard LG classes of competition who uses either a 308 or 223.

Designated Rules of Competition

International HG and LG classes - IBS rules reference - re rifle specifications/shooting procedures etc.(muzzle brakes permitted in both classes)

Standard Classes -Marked Target- Equity Based rules reference
LG - rifles up to 10kg overall weight ( includes all F class rifles/bipods)- muzzle brakes permitted
HG - unlimited weight limit- muzzle brakes permitted.

Proposed Daily Schedule - Saturday and Sunday

8.00am - 9.00 am - Initial sighting period

9.00am- 1000yd BR SCC Match to commence - 6 minute sighting period - 10 minute record target period.

Depending upon final entry numbers- a maximum of 8 details ( 5 competitors per detail) will be run during the day.

A BBQ and counselling services will be provided at the end of each days competition.

Presentation Ceremony - Sunday afternoon

Prior nomination is essential.

If the maximum quota of nominated competitors (40) is reached, additional nominations will be placed on a reserve list. Fluctuations in entries/withdrawals will be adjusted accordingly between then and now.

dave goodridge
narromine dubbo rifle club

Great news Dave , Finally a

Great news Dave , Finally a 1000yd Benchrest Championship in AUS. Looks like about 10 of us from Nth QLD want to come down again if there are positions available on the waiting list .. JR.. Jeff Rogers

JR..Jeff Rogers

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