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Anschutz 54 Tuner

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Anschutz 54 Tuner

Hi All, I have an old 54 original Super Match it shoots well, but has the enlarged end on the barrel with a dovetail for sights, can a tuner be fitted to this barrel?

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I dont see a problem

The end of the barrel could easily be turned down to accept a tuner.



BB Administrator

Thanks Rob, yes I agree but I

Thanks Rob, yes I agree but I have been told not to turn the barrel down as they were choked and turning will ruin accuracy.

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Anschutz 54 tuner

Hi Danandria:
If the tuner have collar fitting tray to bore the tuner to fit the barrel and keep the barrel original.

Peter Armstrong Mk1
Danny For that size barrel

For that size barrel most use the locally made Lowey tuner


RBA HoF #1 (2007)

No tuner

I cant find a tuner that will fit the barrell without any machining, Lowey doesnt make one to suit the dovetail....dont know where else to go.

Peter Armstrong Mk1
Dan I've seen plenty of

I've seen plenty of factory Anchutz barrels with a Lowey tuners on them, is yours a factory barrel??
Have you measured the barrel??


RBA HoF #1 (2007)



The problem with this rifle is that the dove tail in on a non machined part of the barrel and the dove tail is machined onto this knob part of the barrel and machined proud of the knob, I fitted one to my super match barrel without macining the knob.

You have to machine up a piece of metal to clamp behind this knob if you want to keep the barrel original, this is the only way to do it, is this rifle an early one with only one extractor on the bolt, have fun making one. Mine worked for me.




Hi Pete and Harold, I measured the barrel and sent all the specs to lowey, he cant help. Yes Harold it has a single extractor, I think its a 1411 it has the flat rear end on the bolt. The forend dovetail sits higher that the diameter of the barrel as you said (I think) I dont want to risk machining the barrell at all as she is already a good shooter, I hoped a tuner could squeeze another 2 or 3% accuracy out...hahaha I had no idea it would be this hard. Harold do you have a photo of yours you could share?

Sorry to come into this

Sorry to come into this late.

Don't machine the barrel. The right machine shop could make an adapter for your barrel including the dove tail portion. One of the problems that we deal with is that most machine shops don't look for this type of work. Depending on where you live, there will be skilled artisans that would help.
Think of an internal key way cut into a block of alloy.

Dennis J


Hi Dennis, thanks for your message, yes thats where I am at with it at the moment, I am in Coffs and looking for a smith who will do the job.

Kev C
tuner to suit anshutz

Hi I have a 1907 to which we have fitted a harrels tuner. I have not had to do any modifications at all to the barrel despite having the same dovetail. I ordered this one through Dan Killough in the states.

If you need further information let me know. It works very well.

Kev C

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