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New Gunsmithing book

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New Gunsmithing book

G'day All,
Bill Hambly-Clark Jnr has written a book called " Centrefire Rifle Accuracy - creating and maintaining it.
covers building a rifle (truing up actions, chambering, triggers etc), reloading, tuning and cleaning it.

I've found the link to the books' flyer see below

Black Duck publications,
P.O. Box 146, Barcaldine, Qld 4725,

Only 2 catches, one is the cost - $100- posted..............and the other is only 100 copies printed, less my copy :wink: :D
However, if you want to build a rifle this is a brilliantly detailed book, great photos and well worth it if you a are a budding rifle builder.
Cheerio Geoff


Thanks Geofff, the boook sounds good.

Out of Print

Unfortunately the book is currently out of print.

Bill has said he will do another print run if there is the demand (around 50 pre-orders).

If you are interested, place a pre-order with Bill at the following address and spread the word.

Bill has a flyer that give more detail on the book that I am sure he will send if requested.


Book "Centrefire Rifle Accuracy"

Good news

I have just received an email from Bill advising that "‘Centrefire Rifle Accuracy’ will be going into a 3rd reprint as soon as I can make the revisions I want, and add the extra content I think should be included. Please be patient – probably some time in the 1st quarter of next year."

In addition to the 50 pre-orders required to justify a reprint Bill will be printing another 50 copies so if you would like one contact Bill on the address below and place an order.


jim mckinnie
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Bill's book

Is amust have.bloody brilliant. Thanks for writing it Bill

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