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2014 Southern Cross 1000yd BR Championship Dates

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2014 Southern Cross 1000yd BR Championship Dates

following the success and acceptance of the 2013 SCC, the designated dates for the 2014 SCC will be the 28th and 29th of June 2014.

as this year, the thursday and friday prior to the event have been reserved as practise/sighting/tuning/load develpoment days.

given the limitations of light/fog/weather etc, the numbers for 2014 will be 35 shooters.

additional nominations over the 35 limit, will be placed in order on a reserve list in and will be notified in case of withdrawals etc.

if interested in attending or if additional information or the N-D 1000yd BR Visitor package is required.

email -

or phone 0268892141.

dave goodridge
narromine dubbo rifle club

2014 Southern Cross 1000yd BR Championship

due to the rapid and rather surprising response, the N-D club has now filled the 35 vacancies for the 2014 SCC with a few nominations on the reserve list.

however given the competitor fluctuations that occured this year due to illness, work, family factors etc, there is probably a very good chance that those on the reserve nominations list may still get an opportunity to compete in 2014.

apologies for any inconvenience or disappointment this situation has already caused or may cause!!

it would be nice to have 10 benches and 10 targets to try and meet all competitor attendance needs, but unfortunately this is not the case and we have to work and plan to our 5 target
5 bench, light, weather limitations etc.

dave g

dave g

N-D 1000yd BR Information

As has been mentioned previously, at the moment we have exceeded our nominations quota for the 2014 SCC.

However, given the apparent interest in attending our range for our regular club 1000yd BR events, some may find the following of interest.

The remaining scheduled 2013 dates for 1000yd BR at N-D are:-

18th of august, 13th of october and 8th of december.

Note that, regular 1000yd target rifle/f class events are conducted on the saturday prior to the 1000yd BR dates.

Most regulars and guests find the saturday event very beneficial from the perspective of socialising, sighting in @ 1000yds and experiencing the prevailing weather/wind patterns.

To ensure equitable competition on the day, the following 6 classes of 1000yd BR are offered.

International (blind shooting) - Heavy Gun and Light Gun and JC Trophy for 308/223 calibres

Standard (marked shooting) - Heavy Gun and Light Gun and JC Trophy for 308/223 calibres

Note- IBS rules apply to the International Categories but F Class Open Rifles (10kg) are permissible in the Standard Light Gun class.

Muzzle Brakes may be used in all classes.

12 Prizes are provided for Score and Group in all of the above categories and a BBQ is held at the completion of the days activities.

A "hat" draw is also held following the official presentations.

Entry fee is $20 per competitor.

The N-D 1000yd BR Information pack is also available for those requiring specific details of range location, facilities, match organisation etc -provide an email address if the info pack is required.

To facilitate match organisation and catering needs, if intending to attend, please send a pm or email-

Shooting or non shooting guests and visitors are always most welcome at N-D!!!

dave goodridge

dave g

Congrats Dave , IT would seem

Congrats Dave , IT would seem to me that you guys at ND are the only ones in OZ to promote 1000Yd BR the way it deserves .. Great work because your actually knocking back the over 35 shooters,where some are flat out getting 15 to a major .. Hope to get to Narromine again in 2014..JR.. Jeff Rogers

JR..Jeff Rogers

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