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2014 N-D 1000yd BR match dates

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2014 N-D 1000yd BR match dates

N-D regular club 1000yd BR matches will be held on the following sundays.

9th February, 6th April, 1st June, 3rd August, 28th September, 23rd November.

depending on light and visibility, sighting from roughly 8.30am - 9am, prior to match.

as usual, classes of LRBR include International (blind) HG,LG and JC trophy (308/223) and Standard (marked target) HG,LG and JC trophy (308/223).

Note- As the Australian 1000yd BR rules are not suitable or recognised for International competition, IBS rules are followed for the International categories of competition.

Similarly, N-D commonsense rules are applied for the Standard 1000yd BR categories. Competitors may use their 10kg Fclass rifles/bipod in the LG Std class.

Muzzle brakes are permitted in all classes.

If attending (to assist catering and organisation), or if the N-D 1000yd BR pack is required, send a pm or email to

The 2014 SCC will run from thursday 26th June friday 27th June - sighting/tuning days with the SCC (4 target match) held over the saturday and sunday 28th-29th June.

dave g