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2014 Southern Cross 1000yd BR Championships Nominations

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2014 Southern Cross 1000yd BR Championships Nominations

following, are the present nominations for this years SCC.

given these numbers, as is well known, competitors are unfortunately able to nominate for only one class.

it is not a problem if circumstances have changed, and people may wish to change their class category, or if i have incorrectly placed names in the wrong category, just let me know via pm and changes will be made.

IMPORTANTLY - due to a number of keen and genuine shooters on the reserve list, if anyone nominated is unable to attend, could you please let me know as soon as possible.

2014 SCC Nominations

Light Gun Blind (18)

R Rainbow S Goodridge D Parravicini(308) S Foreman D Goodridge
A Nielsen L Bartimote B Profke T Armstrong J Barling
M Easton G McMullen J Lavarang M Paroz R Mulholland
T Deehan A Hickmont M Younie

Heavy Gun Blind (9)

P Deehan T Pavey P Kay T Zubalj A Bending
J Harrison J Saligari J Rogers J McQuire

Light Gun Marked .8.

J Brook(308) H Taylor(308) J Russ ( S Monaghan/ G Woods)? P Taylor(308) D Forster(308) L Moorish B Morgan

the major problems at the moment are related to deciding as to what would be a suitable spectator admission price for the HEAVY GUNS category and trying to work out the best viewing position for the grandstand.

although the draw has not been finalised as yet (still waiting for the checks to be cleared), this year Heavy Gun details will be given hopefully at least 2 to 3 details of cleaning time.

the colour theme for 2014 will be Victorian State Blue.

looking forward to seeing you all in a few months!!!!


nominations updated as of

nominations updated as of 1-2-14.

dave g

dave g

Postal News

the IBS and the Virginia 1000yd BR Club have recently approved and endorsed our 1000yd BR Postal matches for 2014.

Comprehensive 2009-2013 International 1000yd BR Postal Match results maybe viewed at :-

We are indebted to the above organisations and their members for their continuing recognition and the official sanctioning of our Postal Matches.

dave g

dave g

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