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2015 Southern Cross 1000yd BR Championship

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2015 Southern Cross 1000yd BR Championship

the dates for the 2015 SCC will be:-

thursday/friday 25th-26th june -practise/sighting in/load development days.

4 target match SCC - saturday /sunday 27th-28th June.

given the apparent continuing and expanding interest in this event, for 2015, an extra detail has been included (allowing 40 positions).

although changes will no doubt occur between then and now, at the moment there are only a few vacancies remaining.

as per this year, in the event of a full quota, additional nominations will be placed on a reserve list and will be notified as changes occur.

IBS Rules are followed for the International classes, Heavy Gun, Light Gun and 308/223 categories.

Narromine Dubbo commonsense rules are applied for the Standard LG and 308/223 categories.

for those interested in attending and or requiring a N-D 1000yd BR information package, please send an email to

dave goodridge
narromine dubbo rifle club