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ExtraVision 1000yd BR Results/News

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ExtraVision 1000yd BR Results/News

2014 saw us complete our 5th ExtraVision International Postal Match Championships.

Thankyou to the participating Australian Clubs and many competitors who have been involved in these matches since 2009.

Congratulations to Anthony Bending (jacko) and Grant Groves for their consistent and dominating long range shooting performances during 2014.

Both shooters were able to win the group and score aggregates in their respective classes for the ExtraVision 1000yd BR Postal Match Championship.


Heavy Gun 6 Match Group Agg- 6.0292"
Heavy Gun 6 Match Score Agg- 97.383


Light Gun 6 Match Group Agg- 6.3317"
Light Gun 6 Match Score Agg- 48.433

Thankyou to Goran and Klaus of ExtraVision for their continuing support of this unique International event.

Additionally, it is also appropriate to acknowledge the and thank the President of the IBS, Mr Jeff Stover, Virginia 1000yd BR President, Mr Jeff Green and the many members of the Virginia 1000yd BR club for their support and participation in our Postal Matches.

ExtraVision have announced today that they will continue to sponsor the 2015 International 1000yd BR Postal Matches.

It is a pleasure to be involved and associated with such generous, non-demanding and genuine sponsors such as ExtraVision and BJD.

For those who may be interested in participating in the 2015 Postal Matches, entry is free, all that is required is that you attend any NRAA range which offers 1000yd BR, enter either the Light Gun or Heavy Gun Classes (or both), shoot in accordance with the IBS Rules, and then ensure the club sends your results to

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