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2015 HBC-BJD 1000yd BR Sponsorship

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2015 HBC-BJD 1000yd BR Sponsorship

Mr Dave Gifford , Managing Director of Optimus HBC Projectiles, confirmed today that he will continue his sponsorship during 2015 of the BJD Prize in the 1000yd BR Postal Matches.

Thankyou Dave and HBC for this continuing support of Australian 1000yd BR

for those who may be unaware, Jeff Rogers deserves the plaudits for initially suggesting and then organising and expanding the local Narromine JC Trophy into an Australian wide initiative and sponsorship for shooters who wished to shoot 1000yd BR with either a 308 or 223.

Thanks to Jeff's efforts, the HBC BJD Trophy was born, and has been very successful in introducing and allowing many more competitors to sample and participate in 1000yd BR, without the need to expend large sums of money for a dedicated BR rifle.

However, in some clubs we have seen many 308/223 devotees, become a "little addicted" to LRBR and then spend the odd $ or two on a LG or HG

So, again for those who might like to give their 308 or 223 a whirl at 1000yds, just mount a scope and enter any 1000yd BR event and send your results to

And yes, you will have your results automatically included in the LG results as well !!!!

Note- bipods or sand bag front rests maybe used. F Class Std competitors can enter their rifles as is.

PM if you need additional information.

dave goodridge
narromine dubbo rifle club