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Agenda item for the 2015 IBS Annual Meeting

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Agenda item for the 2015 IBS Annual Meeting

later this week the IBS Board will vote on the following agenda item.

Note -this item was solely instigated and proposed by the numerous American IBS Clubs and members who have supported and continue to take a great interest in Australian International 1000yd BR.

whether it is successful or not in being adopted by the IBS, it is nice to know that Australian IBS 1000yd BR has achieved this level of International support and recognition since the Postal Matches were first approved by the IBS and the Virginia 1000yd BR Club in 2009.

Request for a Long Range rule change to go onto the IBS January 2015 Annual Meeting Agenda 2 May 2014


IBS Long Range Rules provide for three courses of Fire:
• Heavy Gun using Relays and Shoot-offs to determine winners for IBS club competitions
• Light Gun using Relays and Shoot-offs to determine winners for IBS club competitions
• IBS Nationals using Aggregates scoring to determine winners.

These Courses of Fire limit IBS competition in that competitors must be in attendance at the same range on the same day.

We are requesting that an additional Course of Fire, “Postal Matches” be added to the long range rules. Note that the intent is that a Club match would be designated as also being a Postal Match, with aggregate scoring used only for the Postal Match portion of the competition.

Informal postal matches have been conducted for many years between the Australian 1000 Yard benchrest Clubs and the Virginia 1000yd Benchrest Club. This competition would be formalised under this rule change. In the future, Postal Matches may be held between IBS Clubs located in different parts of the USA, or between long range clubs located in different countries at the discretion of the individual club match directors.

Requested changes to IBS Long Range Rules section F(3) are in red type:

F(3) Course of Fire – IBS nationals and Postal Matches

The 1000 yard Nationals and Postal Matches will be fired using an aggregate format of at least 2 targets per class (Light Gun and Heavy Gun) with the adoption to add additional targets if the club determines they can complete the match with additional time needed based on available range facilities. The course of fire to be used for any given year will be decided for IBS nationals when the Championships are awarded to the hosting club at the IBS Annual Meeting, and for Postal Matches the course of fire to be used for any given year will be decided by the participating club match directors. The format for the championships will be clearly stated in all advertising for the Championships so that competitors have a clear understanding of the format that will be used each year.

dave goodridge
narromine dubbo rifle club

IBS Meeting Minutes

as per the IBS minutes

Proposed 2015 Rule changes: This year two agenda items were submitted.

LR # 1: Amend rulebook in Section VII.F.3a (Long Range) to allow for Postal Matches.

The discussion of this item revolved on whether Postal Matches should be somehow recognized in the rule book. The consensus of the members was that Postal Matches are very positive and shows cooperation with other countries, such as Australia. The concern is that this agenda item was a bit ambiguous and that Postal Matches, although encouraged, should not garner IBS points.
Stover asked Mike Wallace (VA1000 Club) to go back and redo an agenda item dealing with Postal Matches as a free-standing section in the rule book. Motion to table approved.

LR #2: Amend rulebook in Section VII.A.7 (Long Range) to remove requirement of ½” clearance between a rest’s sandbag container/retainer and any part of the rifle. Replace with “A front sandbag must maintain ½” in thickness and must be the only means of support at the rifle’s forend”. There was some discussion between the disciplines why this was an issue more for long range vs. short range. It was explained that the long range rule references the bag surround while the short range rule (in the definitions) does not.
LR#2 Passed.

BTW - LR#2 will be adopted for the 2015 Postal Matches and the SCC.

dave goodridge

dave g

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