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team shirts

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team shirts

In the past we usually have done separate shirts for team members to use and swap. These also have our names on them. We all have to use the supplied SSAA shirt during shooting but at other times our own designed and developed shirt is what gets worn. After the match these are what gets swapped (or sold) :)

Usually people get 3 or 4 each, keep one at home and take the rest to use and swap after the event.

Annie has been looking at doing a fancy design if everyone is in agreeance for her to develop something. An example of something that looks good would be the WA team shirt which I am sure everyone has seen. Anyway if we can arrange sponsors this would defray the costs substantially. I am sure BRT will throw in and guess Redback, Progess Equipment and maybe even Benchrest Bulletin will too. Anyone else want to jump onboard and get their business on the shirts? I am also going to approach Pro Shot in the US and see if we can work out a sponsorship deal involving them.

One preference I have is shirts need a pocket.

Any comments?

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Team shirts

You can put me down as a sponser with Warwick bullets, I agree with the idea on WA shirts, I cannot agree more with the pockets on them.



Michael Huebner
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I have read the Qantas form and was thinking we could give them space on the shirt if we get sponsorship.
Can you keep that in mind?

I will start filling out the form over the next couple of days.


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Great idea

Go ahead.


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I have always admired the

I have always admired the West Aussie shooting shirts.
Naturally we will have to wear the official SSAA team shirts for the actual competition, but I am all for getting a special one made up. Probably two each would do.

Go for it.

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