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New forum - Website requests

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New forum - Website requests

I need ideas of how I can make this site better and more useful for competitors.

All ideas would be appreciated!


LJ Fraser

Hi Rob,
I think that if there was a section on the page that flashed with up coming shoots would be an advantage, I am also looking at doing this on our fly site because folks just log on for a very short time and they don't really read anything till it is sometimes to late.

We have a section on our site for interviews and tech information and that is really well received perhaps some of the very prominent shooters in benchrest can put up their advice or expertise to assist other shooters.

Just thoughts.

Knighty's picture

BB has in the past been pro centrefire but now it would seem that Rimfire is more active but does not get the publicity it deserves. Equal space would atttact both groups and provide more discussion i believe. Again more photos of Rimfire winners on the forum would show support for the little brothers who probably experience many more issues in gaining a winning target.

Expect precision but aim for perfection!

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