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2016 Southern Cross 1000yd BR Championship

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2016 Southern Cross 1000yd BR Championship

2016 Southern Cross 1000yd BR Championship

The 2016 Southern Cross 1000yd BR Championship will be held on the Narromine Dubbo Rifle Range on Saturday the 2nd and Sunday the 3rd of July 2016. (1st weekend of the NSW Term 2/3 School Holidays).

Competitors may nominate to shoot in either of the following classes of competition.

Heavy Gun International IBS (unlimited weight)

Light Gun International IBS (17lb max weight limit)

308/223 International (17lb weight limit)

Light Gun Standard (22lb/10kg max weight limit)

308/223 Standard (22lb/10kg max weight limit)

Friday the 1st of July, is again available to locals and visitors, for practise, flag erection, tuning, sighting etc.

In view of the minimal daylight hours at this time of the year, a maximum of 8 details (5 competitors per detail) has been scheduled for the SCC.

For nominations; - (and or Narromine Dubbo 1000yd BR Information Packages and Details)


Ph. 02 68 892141

Could nominees, please include their class of competition preference/preferences and also indicate if they would be interested in attending the Thursday lead up 1000yd BR event.

Nominations in excess of the 40 shooter limit will be placed in priority order and will be notified as vacancies become available. (this normally happens as unforseen family/work/personal factors eventuate)

Narromine Accommodation

Peppercorn Motel – 68891399

Narromine Tourism Park (Cabins) – 68892129 (near Airport)

Stockman Motel – 68892033

dave goodridge
Narromine Dubbo Rifle Club

2016 SCC

for the 2nd of july,it might be an idea if visitors arrange to pre-poll,postal votes.etc

if not we might have to arrange a voting booth on the range.

dave g

dave g

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