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New centrefire action

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New centrefire action
Image icon new benchrest rifle receiver536.31 KB

Hi guys, good evening.
My name's Mark and I'm from NZ.
I am gonna start making centrefire actions for benchrest and F-class shooters for our little kiwi market here.
Actions will be hardened 4340 chro-mo investment casting Rem 700 SA footprint, Kiff bolts (PTG), bolt faces for 223, BR/PPC and 308, sako extractor,
34.5mm round, 200mm long, picatinny rail, 58.5mm long loading port and the usual 17.8mm tenon.
There will be option for nitriding, mirror finish and dual port. Actions won't need to be blueprinted. Right hand for now.
I came here for the purpose of seeing if this actions might interest you as well.
Frankly, my bread and butter is not making actions, it's just a passion I have since 5 y/o.
I've had this idea for a long time bcs whenever you want to get a "Stiller Predator" in, you will shell out $1800 +.
By my count, I want to sell them for a very fair price. I can't put prices up for now.
Production will start in 2 months and you can see in the attachment the final rendered image of the action.
Probably the word casting will scare some people, but I can discuss this topic whenever you want. I have done a few of them and they are SAFE! See Farleys and Rugers.
Well guys, any tip, critics (bad or good) will be taken into consideration so fell free to tell me what you guys think.
Hope to hearing from you.
PS.: I've talked already to Rob and he gave me his ok to post this thread.

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Trigger hanger

The pic seems to show Rem style pin holes.

I would prefer to see a hanger to match either Kelbly or Bat.


BB Administrator

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Yes, putting a hanger type

Yes, putting a hanger type arrangement for the trigger would be a much better idea.

I think you will find that the Shilen DGA actions were investment castings too.

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