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John B
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Hi guys

I've been away from BR shooting for a while but plan on starting up again. My good friend Steve S tells me that we can't buy N133 any more due to import issues. What powder are you all using at the moment? I used BM2 previously but switching to N133 seemed to improve my agg significantly. I seem to remember reading somewhere that Brandon used BM1 with a lot of success, maybe worth having a look at.
Anyhow, hope to see you all soon. Stay cool and keep'em small.

John Babic

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Well well, damn good to see you coming back mate you have been missed believe me, mate if you are after 133 forget it you could try 8208 some are using that, BM 2 is good John
BM 1 might be a touch hot and hard to tune in summer according to some who have used it so your call.
hope we do see you soon take care mate.


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On the contrary...BM1 is one

On the contrary...BM1 is one of the easiest powders to tune around.
As an example, I used the same load in NZ in 2001 to win the WBC as I did at Monarto this year - a difference of about 15 degrees at least!
It burns clean and produces excellent accuracy.

The only downside is that you don't get the extreme velocities possible with BM2, Vit and 8208.

Michael Huebner
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I would say most are still using 133 til they run out which might be a while for some.
I know you said your agg improved from BM2, but I think that should be your first choice and see how it goes. But like Brendan said you just wont get the velocity. I did a check on BM2 a while ago and around 3250fps is all it was doing, but I swear when I first started I had BM2 at 3400fps @29.8gns.
If no good try H322, BM1 and even maybe 2207.
Goodluck with the testing
I think 8208 is too slow for PPC. Tried it and very hard to get enough in

John B
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Thanks for the input guys, I

Thanks for the input guys, I'll spend a few days at the range experimenting and hopefully work it out. See you all soon.

Keith Smith
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Starting again

Good to see your coming back John. BM2 for me.

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