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No longer a delegate for NSW.

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LJ Fraser
No longer a delegate for NSW.

Today it has been made clear by the Chairman Mr Billinghurst that i am not a delegate for NSW even though i was voted to remain as one. Mr Billinghurst stated that he as the National Chairman and Mr Sori are the two NSW delegates and my role is purely advisory.

On this basis that is not the role i was elected for and therefore i cannot assist NSW members as a delegate please refer all your correspondence pertaining to any proposed rule book changes for 2018. When you email your suggestions please retain a copy as you will need it to verify what has actually been asked for.

cheers and good shooting
Les Fraser.

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Sad news indeed - Les Fraser

This is sad news that Les has been lost as a NSW delegate as he has done so much good work over many years. One of the few growing SSAA disciplines has been the Fly Shoot which has been a success because of the hard work people like Les put into the sport. Not only is he at every event but he has helped countless people with everything from loan rifles and gear to loading advise and steering people in the right direction of what to purchase etc which save people time, money and energy.
We can't afford to loose the talents of people like this who volunteer their time for key roles within the SSAA.

Dave Dundas

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That is not what happened at the NSW AGM

I was there, and it was made quite clear that there would be 2 assistant delegates.

The minutes should confirm this.


BB Administrator

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no longer a delegate

I probably have no right joining in this conversation sorry if I stick my foot in but has there been a resolution to this it is with interest I ask


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My comments are not directed

My comments are not directed towards any person or persons - this is just an observation.

It is my understanding that for every discipline we have:

. a National Discipline Chairman (elected by the State Delegates at the National meeting usually held during their Nat Champs)
. a State Discipline Chairman
. two State Delegates

The SDC and the 2 delegates are elected by the shooters attending a meeting usually held during the State Champs for that discipline.
The SDC can also be one of the State Delegates - this should not cause any problems.

I believe that it would be better for the National Discipline Chairman, in any discipline, NOT to also be a State Delegate as he/she must run the meeting and not appear to be influenced towards his/her State.
To me, it is just good governance.

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