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Vale Barry Hilzinger

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Vale Barry Hilzinger

What a sad loss it was when we shooters, lost Barry Hilzinger on the weekend to the horrible disease which made his life so terrible. Baz fought a magnificent fight but on the weekend he succumbed.
He was somewhat of a legend and commanded enormous respect from the Rimfire shooting commumity. He was an Australian representative and shot regularly at State and National championships. He was a tireless worker and he was seldom not at club working bees
Baz leaves behind a legacy of committment to his beloved sport of Rimfire benchrest and he will live on as an example to all of his mates. He was a great bloke who was outspoken but always respected and mostly right.
We will mis Baz but he will not suffer any longer and has now found comfort and peace at last.
Our heart goes out to his family at this time but with all the sadness, no doubt there will be relief for them too.
RIP Baz. Make sure the targets are set up and ready for the rest of us.

Bill Collaros
So Sad

I spoke to him about 10 days ago he knew the end was near, we will now remember the good times and overseas trips.

RIP Barry and thanks for the memories and deepest condolences to Maureen and the whole family,

Bill Collaros
Sydney - Australia
"Shoot to Thrill"

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RIP Barry

Bec's posted on Facebook which has resulted in a good response.


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