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John Clark - RIP

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John Clark - RIP


I was phoned this morning by Madge Clark to advise her husband John had passed away several hours earlier after several years of serious terminal illness.

John Clark was hugely responsible for the growth of rimfire benchrest shooting in the Port Mcquarie area and was largely responsible for the construction and further development of the whole existing benchrest complex and bench line.

We often hear good men described as a as a "perfect gentleman" however in John case this was really spot-on and true. An excellent tradesman he was often re-modeling rifle stocks for free for club members and was always ready to offer coaching advice to newer shooters.

He is remembered for some titanic battles in past years with (late) Barry Hilsinger in state titles held at Cecil Park Sydney and the result was always very close.

John most always used Anschutz 54 prone target rifles digesting SK Standard Plus ammunition and he held many record at Port McQuarie club having shot no less than 28 x 250 cards in club competition matches .... an amazing performance for a man of advanced years.

John Clark set the example to others how to be a great marksman a a perfect human being.

RIP John , many shooter will miss you.

On behalf of all the Northern region Rimfire Shooters, may we all extend our sincere sympathy's and condolences to Madge and their family. We have all lost a great friend.

John Radford, a good friend of 40 years.