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Brisbane LRBR ????

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Brisbane LRBR ????

Can anyone advise if LRBR competitions are still being held on the Belmont range in Brisbane?

I have not been able to find any Brisbane based 1000yd BR results for a considerable period of time.

The reasons for my interest are manyfold.

Firstly, if Belmont has been holding 1000yd BR matches this year, I would like to invite any competitors (who shot as per IBS rules) to (if they wish) provide their results for inclusion in our Australian ExtraVision – Optimus Projectiles 1000yd BR Postal Matches and subsequently these results will also be forwarded to the Virginia 1000yd BR Club as part of the Australian/USA 1000yd International Postal Match comparisons.

Secondly, if Brisbane LRBR competitors have introduced IBS 600yd BR, likewise( if they approve), we would be delighted to include their results in the ongoing Australian 600yd BR Postal Match results.

Send all results to

If however, 600yd BR has not been trialled in Brisbane and if there is interest in doing so, (thanks to the initiative and dedication of a number of North Queenslanders and NRAA Director Mr Bruce Scott), we now have ample supplies of the recently updated 40% official IBS 600yd BR targets for distribution across Australia to interested NRAA clubs and or members.

If a sample (or additional) targets are required, please free to make contact via the following.



Or via pm.

Additionally, the Narromine Dubbo Rifle Club would like to extend an invitation for any interested Brisbane LRBR competitors to attend the 1st Australian 600yd BR Championships and the 2017 Southern Cross 1000yd BR Championships which will be held between the 16th – 20th August 2017.

If interested in attending and if additional information is required, please use the above contact means.

dave goodridge